The farmers on the frontlines of climate change are trying to recruit a younger generation

Lisa Held, the host of "The Farm Report," a podcast about how food production, sits down with Martin Lemos, the interim executive director of the National Young Farmers Coalition, to discuss the changes America's food system must make in order to be more viable for the next generation of farmers.

"Farmers are being left out of the discussions on what our food system should look like and how we can realign our food system to meet these sustainability goals," Lemos explained. He also opened up about how farmers are on the frontlines when it comes to reversing the effects of climate change and why it's important to make sure "we've got a policy infrastructure that really supports farmers, understands the importance of resilience and is investing in farmers to make that happen."

The National Young Farmers Coalition's goal is to make an appealing landscape for independent family farms, practice sustainable farming practices, creating inclusiveness and diversity in the farming industry and more.

Watch the full conversation above to hear more about how Lemos and the National Young Farmers Coalition are building a new network of farmers. And watch the full Eating for a Healthier and Sustainable Planet event presented by Food Tank and Salon here.

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