Are your city's water and soil healthy? Here's why it matters if the goal is sustainability

Salon's Manny Howard and the executive director of the NYC Soil & Water Conservation District Shino Tanikawa discuss the importance of maintaining healthy soil and water and the role that big cities play in upholding the goal of a more sustainable planet.

Tanikawa told Howard that the most important aspect of her role at the Soil & Water Conservation District is "educating New Yorkers about the existence of soil and water" and "empowering people to understand that there's nature in New York City and that we depend on nature to provide things we need to survive."

Watch the episode above to learn more about the NYC Soil and Water Conservation district and its important mission in ensuring that the largest city in the U.S. continues to support sustainable and regenerative strategies. And watch the full Eating for a Healthier and Sustainable Planet event presented by Food Tank and Salon here.

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