Why Dr. Lisa Sanders is embracing medical mysteries in Netflix’s “Diagnosis”

Dr. Lisa Sanders learned early on as a medical professional that a diagnosis is about more than just finding the right answer. Since then, she's been obsessed with figuring out the "mystery" of the patients she writes about in her New York Times column. The column inspired the hit medical mystery drama, "House." Now, her work is being translated to television for the second time in the new Netflix show "Diagnosis." Dr. Sanders explained on "Salon Talks" why a diagnosis is not just black and white.

"Most people think the diagnosis is like the multiplication tables. If you have this collection of symptoms, it's clearly this," she told SalonTV's Mary Elizabeth Williams. "I realized that it was actually not the case. Four times six could be 24, but it could also be something else, and you'd have to get more information to find out which it was."

And in "Diagnosis," Dr. Sanders works with patients toward finding a diagnosis, and potentially a cure, using the power of social media and global crowd-sourcing. "I found out that it was not the multiplication tables, but it was really Sherlock Holmes," she said. "Sometimes there are red herrings. Sometimes there are false leads. Sometimes a key suspect is not always in the room."

"This is a detective story. This is a mystery that has to be solved." "Diagnosis is available to stream now on Netflix.

Watch the video above to learn about a case that caused Dr. Sanders to look at diagnosis differently. And watch the full episode to hear more about how medical bias plays a role in the health care industry.

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