The art of the AIDS poster

A new collection shows 30 years of fascinating, frustrating, beautiful attempts to educate the world about safe sex

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    Alfred University/University of Rochester
    New York, USA, 1993.

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    Latvijas Asociacija Seksualai Vienlidzibai/University of Rochester
    Latvia, 1995.

    "Choose safe sex!"

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    Victorian AIDS Council, Inc./Gay Men's Health Centre, Inc../University of Rochester
    Victoria, Australia, 1992.

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    University of Rochester
    "Don't fool yourself, AIDS is near you." (Hebrew, 1991).

    Illustration of a fetus in the uterus, with three winged hypodermic syringes about to puncture the surface.

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    CSAM (Comite SIDA Aide Montreal)/University of Rochester
    Canada, pre-1994.

    "AIDS: Isolation is not a solution."

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    Indonesia-Philippines Partnership against AIDS/University of Rochester
    Indonesia, 2001.

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    Landlaeknisembaettid / University of Rochester

    "The battle against AIDS is a battle of life and death. Take no chances. The condom is a defense against AIDS. It cannot be a matter of embarrassment. Don't die of ignorance."

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    Bahrain Ministry of Health/University of Rochester
    Bahrain, 1991.

    Man holding a scroll with text and images relating to the ways HIV/AIDS is transmitted.

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    University of Rochester

    "Are we taking AIDS seriously enough yet?"

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    Helseutvalget for homofile/University of Rochester
    Norway, 1997.

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    AIDS Administration Maryland Department of Health and Mental Hygiene/University of Rochester
    Maryland, USA, 1988.

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    Eesti Assottsiatsioon "Anti-AIDS"/University of Rochester

    "Keep yourself from [the] kiss of death. Use [a] condom."

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    Queensland AIDS Council/University of Rochester
    South Brisbane, Queensland, Australia.

    Poster promoting condom use (Bodyline Spa Sauna series).

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    All Women Advancement & Resource Development (AWARD)/University of Rochester

    Illustration of a man and woman floating on an unrolled condom with sixteen frightening creatures below.

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    Department of Health; European Union/University of Rochester
    South Africa.

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    AIDS-Stiftugen/University of Rochester

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    University of Rochester
    Slovakia, 1994.

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    Pan American Health Organization/University of Rochester
    Trinidad and Tobago.

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    The Hot Rubber Company/University of Rochester
    Switzerland, 1987.

    The Matterhorn covered with a condom.

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    Catawba County Health Department/University of Rochester
    North Carolina, USA.

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