Salon -- After Dark

Cruising the street view

A blog uses the Google maps function to scope out cute guys. Is it fun, art -- or a creepy invasion of privacy?

  • Buff
    "Buff Korean," Busan, South Korea

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  • Cub
    "Cub up to shenanigans," Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

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  • I’ll
    "I’ll forgive the fanny pack for what’s above it," Crimea, Ukraine

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  • Indoor
    "Indoor street view at a gym," New York, United States

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  • Morning
    "Morning walk at Bondi Beach, Australia," New South Wales, Australia

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  • Pecs
    "Pecs under a tank top," Matosinhos, Portugal

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  • Sexy
    "Sexy back," San Diego, California

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  • Sexy
    "Sexy tattooed dad," Venice, California

    Slide 13

  • Shoulders
    "Shoulders on Market Street," San Francisco, California

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  • Skinny
    "Skinny Brazilian," Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

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  • Wifebeater
    "Wifebeater in Rome," Rome, Italy

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  • Wouldn’t
    "Wouldn't mind being this pair of swim trunks," Alushta, Ukraine

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