Anne Rice's "Servant of the Bones" Diary

Pretty faces and politics

By Anne Rice

Published October 7, 1996 8:56AM (EDT)

did you see the president squash Dole on Sunday night? How
could the commentators say it was a "tie?" Our president was forthright and
kept his temper as Dole did the usual Republican nonsense of generalities and
cheap shots. When Dole compared Clinton to his dead brother Kenny, it was
almost too much for me.

But the Republicans don't think we're smart, do they? They think we don't see
through that kind of cheap crap tactic. They've always threatened us as if
this country was a corporation and they were the board of directors and we were
a bunch of stock holders who ought to mail in our proxy votes.

For God's sake, on November 5th, cast your vote for President Clinton.

When I think about the problems we're facing in the future -- the work that
has to be done in welfare, education, the war on crime and drugs -- it freezes
my blood to think of anyone but Clinton at the helm. Dole can't begin to live
up to the job.

So much for my political thoughts. I continue to believe as I said on
"Politically Incorrect" (and thanks for your responses to that) that President
Clinton's main problem with the American press is that he is so good looking,
he threatens American males. They all think the guy is just too pretty! They
won't take him seriously because he has such charm and agility. Well, they
should stop judging by beauty alone and realize he is not just a pretty face.
He is a brilliant president.

Enough of my ranting. Did I surprise anyone with the above? For the sake of
Salon, let me remind you that this is THE PERSONAL OPINION OF ANNE RICE.

Lights out.

Anne Rice


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