Anne Rice's "Servant of the Bones" Diary

Westward, Ho!

By Anne Rice

Published October 14, 1996 9:17AM (EDT)

Hello to Salon. Greetings from a sweet October day in New Orleans. I am on the eve of returning to tour -- headed out tomorrow for a signing in Sacramento, California Tuesday night.

I will miss the bus! This leg of our tour will be minus our giant gypsy wagon, with Tony, the Tiger, our fabulous driver, and all the sweet vibrations of the big wheels as we rolled over America, mile by mile, through the waning green of the fall.

Alas, California! I will soon have the incredible experience of looking out of a hilltop window over San Francisco again -- a city in which I lived most of my adult life. And the view will inspire the inevitable life review in me. How much has changed since I left my Victorian house in the Castro District there? What have I contributed to life on this earth? Does the love outweigh the hurt to others? Are the books better?

At this moment, still comfortable in my jam-packed study, among last year's wigs on Styrofoam heads, and books on the Bible, I feel the books since 1987 have been better -- richer, closer to what I really want to say.

This last week two new novels were conceived in me -- as if the Holy Ghost had knocked me out and then whispered in my ear "Write these two books now!" -- and the concepts for both books are enduring and growing in healthy fashion.

So I go out armed with the passion not only to meet the readers, but with the desire to come home and tear into the new books -- always a good road attitude.

And of course the Fan Club's Big Halloween weekend bash (the Saturday before Halloween) is coming up and I shall be there!

Lights out.

Anne Rice


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