Heaven's Gate: R.I.P.

May a flight of UFOs take them to their rest.

Published March 28, 1997 8:00PM (EST)

Perhaps one of the saddest statements to come out of the mass suicide story so far was voiced by one of Heaven's Gate's long-time members. "Maybe they're crazy for all I know, but I don't have any choice but to go for it," she said, "because I've been on this planet for 31 years and there's nothing here for me."

It is on such desperation that movements like Heaven's Gate are built. The members feel they are part of a family, and that their lives have some meaning. They also know, having embraced the group's extreme and totalistic belief system, that they have crossed a psychological suspension bridge, and that there is no turning back.

From what we know about most of the so-called "New Age" or "alternative" religions, the members become little more than indentured servants, selling flowers on the street at all hours to fill the coffers of a messiah from South Korea or opening their legs for a meth-crazed "Father" in the jungles of Guyana or manning the barricades for a psychotic gunman in Waco, Texas.

Many "cults" start out being warm and fuzzy and end up being monstrously exploitative. We don't yet know much about the relationship between "Do" (formerly known as "Bo") and his flock. Heaven's Gate members, in their videotaped messages, have had nothing but nice things to say about the former music teacher from Houston. Reporters, however, have already turned up incidents of credit card fraud and car thefts in his past. We should not be surprised if greater examples of a leader's avarice, spite and greed turn up.

In a Salon essay, my colleague David Futrelle argues that Heaven's Gate is not that different than mainstream religions that believe in things like wafer biscuits and cheap wine being the body and blood of Jesus Christ. Except that very few of them feed their members phenobarbital and vodka in preparation for a night flight aboard a UFO. Such behavior, one could argue, is as much a pure expression of clinical schizophrenia as it is a valid religious belief. There are hundreds of "Bo's" in the United States who are preaching the gospel of "levels above human," "E.T. presently incarnate" and governments that are out to get them. Most of them are locked up in mental hospitals or on very heavy medication. As Marshall Herff Applewhite should have been.

We don't know yet how much physical or emotional control Applewhite had over his followers. "Brainwashing" has been a terribly overused explanation for the way movements like the Rev. Moon's Unification Church and the Church of Scientology first convert, and then maintain the faith of, their members. But these groups do, consciously, work to manipulate minds -- through isolation, lack of sleep, poor diet, constant indoctrination and the instilling of guilt. They are mini-totalitarian societies whose members are given every inducement to surrender.

But even in the most extreme circumstances, the human instinct for survival can endure. Not all of Jim Jones' followers, as wretchedly poor, uneducated and alone as they were, died willingly. They drank their Kool-Aid at gunpoint. Like the Branch Davidians, they were murdered by their own leader, who knew he was going down and decided to take his flock with him.

There is no evidence so far that this was the case with Heaven's Gate. No guns have been found -- so far -- at the mansion in Rancho Santa Fe, nor any evidence of resistance before the final moment. If the members of the cult had the brains to design Web sites, then we are entitled to believe that they adopted their leader's beliefs and freely chose to follow his orders -- as whacked out as they seem.

This makes their death all the sadder. They were persuaded that there was nothing for them on this Earth. I believe that is their loss. But it is also ours. One can only hope, for them, that there is a spacecraft cruising behind the comet Hale-Bopp, and that they are all aboard, happy and free at last.

March 28, 1997

 Suicide in San Diego 
Were cultists recruited on the Web?
"The really frightening thing one finds here is the combination of the technology of the World Wide Web and the old celestial astrology that has been around since the beginning of human history."



as of Thursday afternoon, little was known about the 39 men and women who were found dead in a luxurious house in Rancho Santa Fe, Calif. They were of various ages, sported buzz-cut hairstyles, and were found with purple shrouds covering their faces and chests. They also reportedly worked for a Web design company called WW Higher Source. One of the Web sites designed by Higher Source, according to news reports, was for an organization called Heaven's Gate -- which planned to leave Earth and rendezvous with a spaceship behind the Hale-Bopp comet. It appears that the victims were members of this organization.

"The joy is that our Older Member in the Evolutionary Level above human (the 'Kingdom of Heaven') has made it clear to us that Hale-Bopp's approach is the 'marker' we've been waiting for," a statement on the Heaven's Gate site read. "Our 22 years of classroom here on planet Earth is finally coming to conclusion -- 'graduation' from the Human Evolutionary Level. We are happily prepared to leave 'this world' and go with Ti's crew."

If, as now appears, the 39 people committed mass suicide, what would have been their motivation? Salon spoke Thursday with Larry A. Trachte, assistant professor of religion at Wartburg College in Waverly, Iowa. Trachte, who is also the college pastor, has taught courses on contemporary religions and sects for the past 15 years.

We've had People's Temple, the Order of the Solar Temple and now Higher Source. What makes these groups commit mass suicide?

I don't think they see it as suicide. As bizarre as it might seem to us, I'm sure that they saw it as moving on to another dimension of existence. Much as a Hindu or Buddhist would, in the sense of a reincarnation or migration to another realm of being.

So the people who died in Rancho Santa Fe weren't committing suicide, they were moving on to another adventure in some other dimension?

Yes, and I might add that there are traces of that belief in some Eastern religions. Suicide is often viewed in Buddhism as a noble way. Death is not seen as an enemy or as something to fear or flee. Even suicide is seen in a much more different light than in the West.

Based on what we know as of now, is there anything about this California group that sets it apart?

The really frightening thing one finds here is the combination of the technology of the World Wide Web and the old celestial astrology that has been around since the beginning of human history. You have an interesting dichotomy of beliefs coming together. There are literally thousands of groups like this all over now. All you have to do is search for them on the World Wide Web.

Why is the Web so attractive to these groups?

It adds an entirely new dimension to recruiting and accessibility. It opens up another dimension of cult possibilities and awareness that never existed before.

Many of the people who are drawn to cults are seeking absolute answers. They're often very bright, but they're introverts in terms of social skills and personality. So getting into religion on a computer is perfect for these kind of people. It provides instant access, it knows no geographical bounds, it allows for anonymity and yet a high degree of individuality. So just as people use their telephones for sex, you can use your computer for religion.

Again, based on what we know so far, does this San Diego cult sound like a doomsday or millenarian cult?

No. I didn't hear any of the language you would expect to hear from a doomsday or millennialist group that sits around waiting for the end of the world. It sounds more like a combination of some of the dimensions of a UFO cult, plus the appearance of this Hale-Bopp. Add the fact that it was highly organized -- probably around a leader and therefore highly suggestible -- and you end up with a rather unique combination of things.

And that's true of many of the new groups now. They're very creative. They're creating their own rules and theologies. And to the extent that groups like this have access to tens of thousands of people on the Internet, that's kind of scary. It used to be that you had to stand in an airport to recruit those who wandered by. Now, all you have to do is open up a Web site.

Is there any significance that this apparent mass suicide occurred around the solstice and Easter?

It appears this was a rather eclectic group, drawing from different sources and associations. So given that this is Holy Week, I'm sure that was one part of it. But I've heard their suicide was their way of joining a UFO that was traveling behind the Hale-Bopp comet. Some have suggested this was a strictly Christian group, but it doesn't sound very Christian to me. I would say it was more of a contemporary, New Age sort of group with a strong leader.

The age-old question: What kind of people join these groups?

One shouldn't oversimplify, but generally, it's people who are searching, who are discontented. They are idealists. They're often very bright and creative, the kind of people who easily become bored with mainline religion and want a new kind of adventure. At the same time, they are often looking for absolute answers. It's an interesting dialectic. I don't think it's accidental that many people who lean toward the sciences end up as fundamentalist Christians. On college campuses, the science departments often are the most conservative departments. These are people who are quite literal thinkers. They're looking for hard facts, answers, someone to tell them what reality is.

So in these cults, you have, on the one hand, the vulnerability of people who are searching and frustrated, combined with people who have some very creative answers that are exciting, new and adventuresome. But they're often also very isolated, in some ways the misfits of society. They don't have a lot of close relationships. The cults create pseudo-family. It was interesting to hear that even with all these people in the San Diego house, no one was talking to one another. They were always in front of their computer screens.

Yet while they may not have spoken with one another, they all died together. So they must have related to one another in some way.

Or to the leader. The definition of a cult is that it has an absolute leader who exercises absolute authority over the followers. So if the leader says, "This is what we're going to do," that's what they do. And whether that leader is Jim Jones or Do, as they called this fellow in San Diego, or David Koresh, the basic allegiance is to the leader. He is the one who dispenses reality. And if that leader says it's time to check out of this world and go on to the next, his followers check out.
March 27, 1997



Below are two pages downloaded from the Heaven's Gate Web site. Salon presents them here, unedited, for readers who may want to know more about members of the group who apparently committed mass suicide in Rancho Santa Fe, Calif., this week, but are unable to access the Heaven's Gate Web site. The writings appear to be those of the group's leader, known as Do.

March 28, 1997

Statement, posted to the World Wide Web and to 95 specific newsgroups on the Internet.


January 1997


A member of the Kingdom of God -- the Evolutionary Level Above Human -- I, who am called Do, acknowledge that:

  1. I am about to return to my Father's Kingdom.
    A. This "return" requires that I prepare to lay down my borrowed human body in order to take up, or reenter, my body (biological) belonging to the Kingdom of God (as I did approximately 2000 years ago, as Jesus, when I laid down the human body that was about 33 years old in order to reenter my body belonging to the Kingdom of Heaven).
    B. The Evolutionary Level Above Human is a physical Kingdom Level in the physical Heavens or space, though individuals in that Kingdom identify with their soul - and its mind or spirit - and not the flesh or physical body they "wear."




  2. This time, my Heavenly Father - my "Older Member" - came with me. In the early 1970's, we incarnated into adult human bodies which were in their forties. Approximately 2000 years ago, I incarnated into a body that was in its late 20's/early 30's (not at the birth of that body, but just prior to - during - and following my baptism with John the Baptist).
  3. It seems that each time we, or others from the Level Above Human, come to Earth or leave, it is via a spacecraft belonging to that Next Level.
  4. My Father is an Older Member in the Kingdom of Heaven - the Kingdom of God - the Evolutionary Level Above Human.
    A. He actually gave me "birth" into that Kingdom - took me through the overcoming of a mammalian civilization - long before this present human civilization had its beginning.
    B. I have served as His student and apprentice during His relationship with this civilization.
    C. His relationship to this planet is as Chief Administrator, and is the One referred to as the "True God" in the early stages of this civilization.




  5. This time He came with me "undercover," so to speak, in order to assist me in my task (picking up where this process left off approximately 2000 years ago) of the further birthing - "fathering" - experience with the ones who will be the next new "sons" or children in the Level Above Human. To allow me to gain more experience in the birthing process, my Older Member returned to that Kingdom in 1985, and continues to assist and communicate with me from a more advanced perspective.
    A. As part of the undercover program, my Father incarnated in a female body for His 15-year stay.
    B. Being "undercover," which included lack of acknowledgment of who we were historically, was required for most of our task this time in order that we might, with as little recognition and interference as possible, round up the souls who were our students from the past. Even so, we were identified as a small, radical cult, just as we were 2000 years ago. And as was the case 2000 years ago, these prospective members left their families and relationships in order to follow or be a student. Now that I am surfacing again, I will again be hated for my "blasphemy" (of who I say I am) and hated by those families and others that are affected by all who aspire to leave with us, because this mission requires that they forsake all ties and binds to this world (family ties, responsibilities, and human-mammalian indulgences).


  6. These prospective new "sons" (speaking of soul identities, for they occupy both male and female bodies) were gathered at two different time periods - one, in 1975-76, under the guidance of both my Older Member and myself, and the second, in 1994, after my Older Member had returned (these were all souls that had had a previous relationship with me before this incarnation).
  7. These "students" of the Next Level/The Level Above Human were offered the opportunity to bond with me and my Father, as a bride would bond with her husband, though -
    A. Since the Evolutionary Level Above Human has no mammalian or human members, they had to become "new creatures" who bonded in mind, spirit, and behavior - void of human sexuality, human binds, and addictions of this world and this civilization. Some in the class have chosen on their own to have their vehicles neutered in order to sustain a more genderless and objective consciousness.
    B. The students/disciples who successfully bond to the Level Above Human through me and my Father must also prepare to lay down their human bodies as we go to the Kingdom of Heaven, in order to take up bodies appropriate to and belonging to that more advanced Kingdom Level.


  8. As we prepare to "lay down" our human bodies, while declaring that entry into the Kingdom Above Human is available, there may be many humans who have been recipients of "souls" in "deposits" who may exercise their free will and separate from everything of their world in order to go with us.
    A. They will attempt to rid themselves of their old minds, and identities, in exchange for the mind that flows through me, as they attempt to be accepted as one of my "children." It will "cost" them everything of this world - which they will desperately desire to quickly be rid of.
    B. If they expect to go with me, and I'm leaving very soon, they must look to us (me and my students/disciples) for all their needs to the best of their ability - align themselves with us - break their human bonds - and if their declaration that our presence is from the Kingdom of God leads to the "laying down" of their bodies in pursuit of the Next Kingdom as well, then they, too, will find themselves in the safekeeping of that Kingdom, and in line to be recipients of further nourishment from that Next Level toward membership in that Kingdom.
    C. If my Father does not require this "disposition" of us - He will before such "laying down of bodies" need occur.




  9. Humans with deposits containing souls can likely be identified at this time as some of those who are rapidly losing respect for this world or its "system." They are, from the establishment's point of view, being irresponsible or anti-social - and will be seen by the world as duped, crazy, a cult member, a drifter, a loner, a drop-out, a separtist,.etc.
  10. In essence, it ultimately matters little what your LIFESTYLE, BELIEF SYSTEM, or MORAL VALUES are BETWEEN "visitations" from the Level Above Human (the last two being 2000 years ago and now). The important issue is - the Kingdom of Heaven is here NOW in ME and these students of the Next Level.
  11. Evidence that we speak the truth is:
    A. That our information and our actions match recorded accounts of the presence, conduct, mission, and departure of our previous visitations from the Level Above Human offering membership in that Kingdom.
    B. Any soul of this civilization who has known us in previous visitations or has had any genuine (physical or personal) relationship with anyone from the True Kingdom of God, is present now, and is potentially capable of knowing or recognizing us and this information again.
    C. It appears that even the staging of some of the crashed spacecrafts (which we suspect some of us arrived in) was in order to help the skeptics realize that they have "visitors from another world."




  12. As true today as it was 2000 years ago, no one (of this civilization) gets to my Father or enters the Kingdom of Heaven except through Me. There is no other Son of His, or Representative from His Kingdom, incarnate. Connecting with that Kingdom occurs only while a Member is incarnate, as I am today.
  13. There are space aliens (humanoid remnants from other civilizations) who travel in the nearby heavens. They are dependent upon Earth's atmosphere for harvesting hybrid bodies to "wear" and they attempt to recruit the "souls" who fail to become children in the Kingdom of God. We call them Luciferians because of their lineage.
  14. These Luciferians (space aliens) "jump in" immediately after Representatives from the Level Above Human leave. They fill the "patriarch(s)" of the resulting new religion with mixed truths and misinformation, which fact that accurate knowledge concerning that Kingdom seems to be available only while Representatives are incarnate.
  15. The Kingdom of God sends crews to "tag" or make "deposits" in human bodies and their minds/spirits just prior to and during the time Representatives from their Kingdom are incarnate "offering" birth. These deposits offer their recipients "recognition" of the Representatives and, to some degree, recognition of the "information" from the Kingdom of God. They also act as "homing devices" to lead the recipients to those Representatives and that information. Without these "deposits" of "recognition," no choice of becoming a student is within the will of a human.
  16. It is our understanding that all souls of this civilization who ever received deposits from the Level Above Human have returned at this time, the close of this Age. As part of our task, the Level Above Human is using us to test them. How they/you respond to me, my students, and our information will, in fact, judge you as to whether you will or will not have a further relationship with the Kingdom of Heaven. In other words, coming in contact with this information will force a decision, and with the stand you take, you judge yourself. Some, by their choice at this time, could be redeemed. Those who accept us and endure until we leave will go with us, and not need to experience the "spading under" or recycling of this planet - and will in the future become beginners in the real Kingdom of Heaven.


Believe it or not - Your choice - Your judgment.

I hope this will assist you in whatever you might be seeking.

(original posted to the World Wide Web) October 11, 1995

(slightly edited)

(January 1997)


  1. In the early 1970's, two individuals (my task partner and myself) from the Evolutionary Level Above Human (the Kingdom of Heaven) incarnated into (moved into and took over) two human bodies that were in their forties. I moved into a male body, and my partner, who is an Older Member in the Level Above Human, took a female body. (We called these bodies "vehicles," for they simply served as physical vehicular tools for us to wear while on a task among humans. They had been tagged and set aside for our use since their birth.)
  2. We brought to Earth with us a crew of students whom we had worked with (nurtured) on Earth in previous missions. They were in varying stages of metamorphic transition from membership in the human kingdom to membership in the physical Evolutionary Level Above Human (what your history refers to as the Kingdom of God or Kingdom of Heaven).
  3. It seems that we arrived in Earth's atmosphere between Earth's 1940's and early 1990's. We suspect that many of us arrived in staged spacecraft (UFO) crashes and many of our discarded bodies (genderless, not belonging to the human species), were retrieved by human authorities (government and military).
  4. Other crews from the Level Above Human preceded our arrival and "tagged" - placed a deposit "chip" - in each of the vehicles (bodies) that we would individually incarnate into, when that instruction would be given. These "chips" set aside those bodies for us.
  5. We feel that while we were "out of body" between arrival and incarnation, we were thoroughly briefed and were taken through an extensive preview of places and events that would assist our individual incarnation process of bringing our mind - our consciousness - into the vehicle (body) and overriding the mind of the human "plant" (or container) that each of us was to use. This incarnation process is very difficult and cannot be done without the help of Older Members of the Evolutionary Level Above Human who have not only gone through the metamorphic transition to completion themselves, but who have also assisted others through this transition before (acting as "midwives" for some in the shedding of their human-creature characteristics while preparing to be born as new creatures into the Next Evolutionary Kingdom).
  6. The true Kingdom of God - the real physical Kingdom of Heaven - the Evolutionary Level Above Human - are completely synonymous. As a genderless Kingdom, it "reproduces" or adds to its Kingdom membership through the use of this metamorphic process. This Next Level Kingdom created all that is - including all the paths that lead to decay and destruction, for the creatures it creates are created with free will - an ever-present option to choose the direction to take at any juncture or moment of decision.
  7. The metamorphic "birth" into the Level Above Human occurs as follows: In any given civilization on a fertile planet such as Earth (and Earth has had many periodic/cyclical civilizations), the Level Above Human plants all the new life forms (including humans) for that civilization in a neutral condition so that they have a chance to choose the direction of their growth. The Level Above Human - or Next Level - directly (hands on) relates significantly to the civilization at its beginning stage, and subsequently (with few exceptions) at approximately 2000-year intervals (48-hour intervals from a Next Level perspective) until that civilization's final "Age."
  8. Each time the Next Level relates directly to any portion of that civilization, "deposits" containing "souls" (the "seed" or "chip" with a program of metamorphic possibilities) are placed in many human plants. This deposit is potentially the "gift of life" into the physical and real Evolutionary Level Above Human. These deposits are given or made only when members of the Level Above Human are assigned to directly relate to (be incarnate in) the civilization. Only these Representatives can "nurture" those deposited souls with Next Level thinking, behavior, and all the information required to effectively "fluff off" all human/mammalian characteristics of the old creature. (A potential creature of the Next Level cannot cling to human ways any more than a butterfly can cling to caterpillar ways.) So, when a Representative from that Kingdom is present - that "Rep's" nurturing (teaching) is a "window" for exiting the human kingdom for all who have been given deposits/souls. These deposits are made only in vehicles (bodies) that are "old enough" - having grown or matured enough - for self-determination or responsibility.
  9. Humans with deposits containing souls can likely be identified at this time as some of those who are rapidly losing respect for this world or its "system." They are, from the establishment's point of view, being irresponsible or anti-social - and will be seen by the world as duped, crazy, a cult member, a drifter, a loner, a drop-out, a separatist, etc.
  10. Not only is the body, in a sense, the temporary container for the soul, but even more importantly - the soul is the housing or container of the new creature. The soul has its own "brain" or "hard drive" that accumulates only information of the Next Level - mundane as well as theoretical or philosophical. The soul also becomes part of the new physical body of the new creature, though it is seldom seen by human eyes. Therefore, when a soul is a part of a new deposit, it has very little information and is as a very small Next Level "fetus." As it develops or grows in size, it necessitates the abortion of the human mind, which is in a container beside it. If you think of a glass vase that has two balloons in it, one balloon is the human mind, the other is the Next Level mind. When the Next Level makes a "soul deposit," it is like placing the second balloon in the glass vase. So, when metamorphosis begins, the human mind (balloon) is all but filling the container, and the Next Level mind or soul is all but empty. As the Next Level mind increases - and the soul begins to grow larger - the human-mind container or balloon decreases until, if the Next Level mind successfully makes it to "term," the human deflated balloon is discarded and the Next Level balloon (with Next Level mind) is all that fills the container, or glass vase. That soul with its Next Level mind has by then become a physical body in a new species (the Level Above Human), needing only a new physical outer shell, which it receives as a "quartermaster issue" upon physically entering the Next Level.


    The final act of metamorphosis or separation from the human kingdom is the "disconnect" or separation from the human physical container or body in order to be released from the human environment and enter the "next" world or physical environment of the Next Level. This will be done under the supervision of Members of the Next Level in a clinical procedure. We will rendezvous in the "clouds" (a giant mothership) for our briefing and journey to the Kingdom of the Literal Heavens.

  11. Metamorphosis is not ordinarily accomplishable during only one period of visitation from the Level Above Human. Therefore, the deposit task at each visitation includes deposits with "programs" for returnees who are still in "forward motion."
  12. At the end of the Age or civilization (where we are now), it seems that all souls that were deposited in any part of the present civilization are brought back. Between visitations, "faithful" souls are "put on ice," so to speak - in the keeping of the Level Above Human, to be re-deposited and again incarnated during the next visitation. So, at this time we have both "faithful" souls who might be in the third "trimester" of their metamorphosis preparing for the final test before "emerging" in their new physical body belonging to the Next Level, and we also have all those souls who have "fallen away" during this civilization's visitations. Even they now have a chance at reinstatement.
  13. The requirement is the same for all who might expect to find themselves in the safekeeping of the Level Above Human - each must proceed in the forsaking of all human ways, ties, addictions, thinking, gender behavior (sexuality), and be in the forward motion of becoming this new creature (literally and physically belonging to the Kingdom Level Above Human). (Some in the class have chosen on their own to have their vehicles neutered in order to sustain a more genderless and objective consciousness.) The overcoming process can only be accomplished in the care, keeping, and tutorship of the present (incarnate) Representative(s) of that Next Kingdom.
  14. Humans in any given time seem to fall in one of three categories:
    i) Humans without deposits - those who are simply "plants" (a part of the various levels of human "plant" life) containing the mind or program of their genetic information combined with their brain's interpretation of the information of their current body's experiences,
    ii) those with deposits/souls who are receiving nourishment from the present Rep(s) toward metamorphic completion, and
    iii) those with deposits/souls who are not in a classroom nor in a direct relationship with the Representative(s) from the Level Beyond Human, having:
    a) not been confronted with the information and the Rep(s), or
    b) been confronted but have chosen not to "pursue."




  15. Now that we are here again, how an individual responds to us and our information will, in fact, judge that individual as to whether he or she will or will not have a further relationship with the Next Level. In other words, coming in contact with this information will force a decision for all with souls, and the stand they individually take will judge or determine their future. Remember, even those who have fallen away are being given an opportunity at this time to be reconciled or reinstated.
  16. Those with souls - who fall away - become a part of the opposition to the Next Level. Once, in a prior civilization, records suggest that a third of the class fell and the strongest, and thereby leader of those fallen, was called "Lucifer" (or Satan). Even today they occupy the near heavens as what humans refer to as "space aliens." They also burrow in bases underground and participate in genetic manipulation and hybridization with humans, and attempt to recruit (while remaining among the "unseen") those humans with souls who are unstable or weak in their pursuit of the true Kingdom of Heaven. These "Luciferians" (for the most part from the "unseen" world) started all religions and masquerade as "gods" to humans. They offer to humans (who are unknowingly praying to them) whatever material gains they desire. These preach "Heaven on Earth," "Peace among men," and a long and healthy life in the human condition, and are determined to take the steps to make the inhabitants of the planet subservient to their "ideal" mammalian ethic - destructive to the natural evolutionary processes, and abhorrent to the Kingdom Level Above Human. These "fallen angels" unknowingly also SERVE the Next Level -- for as the aspirants to the Level Above Human apply the necessary effort to rise above "this world" -- they gain the strength to enter the "Next World."
  17. Where the space aliens have a major stronghold in playing "God" is through those humans with the most power. The power is the strongest among the very rich and the very righteous (their self-styled religion) who accept that it is their ("God-given") responsibility to maintain the world's stability - judged, of course, by whatever actions are necessary to maintain and increase that power. These powerful individuals have a loose-knit world-wide "club" that for the most part dictates who their primary "monopoly" players are - those leaders in the "significant" or strong societies or cultures. Government leaders, the very rich, and the world's righteous or "moral" leaders need each other to accomplish their desired ends. They together really determine what is "right" and "wrong" for the populace as a whole, for they trust their overview (and needless to say, it is motivated, for it makes the rich richer, the political more powerful, while offering sufficient "moral consciousness" to nurture a guiltless society). This "morality call" translates down to every level of society's structure, i.e., its laws, its permissiveness, and its intolerance. The governments' law enforcers see to it that nothing is permitted to significantly threaten the rules of the "big bedfellows" morality - which is no morality at all, but the long list of do's and don'ts which protect the money flow, secure the power players, and sustain the acceptable morality code. Any little group that isn't naively, totally submissive to their social rules, or begins to see through this "control mechanism," or questions its rightness, is seen as subversive, radical, anti-social, a cult, or even treasonous - or potentially "terrorists."
  18. It is a fact of record that a number of space alien groups or "races" have related to humans as recently as the past few decades for various reasons. These ranged from "deals" of mutual benefit - trading spacecraft technology for uninterrupted genetic experimentation - to missions of "spiritual enlightenment." All of these activities are far beneath Next Level interests or activity and are, in fact, diversionary efforts of the space aliens to have humans look to them at a time that our return presence was imminent.
  19. The space aliens have very successfully, through their religions, totally confused the humans' concept of "God" or "Deity." (These religions were begun as major distortions immediately following any visitation of the Next Level.) The Next Level abhors religions, for they bind humans more thoroughly to the human kingdom, using strong misinformation mixed with cosmic or universal consciousness of Creation, about which, in truth, they know nothing. Some of their Christians say that God was incarnate as Jesus - though He knew that His Father was clearly a separate entity, even when His Father's mind was in Him. Luciferians now answer the Christians' (as well as all other religions') prayers or requests as they promote enriching their human lives and having them seek a "Heaven on Earth" and a type of Second Coming that would clearly be abominable to the Next Level. Only the Luciferians could have Christians believing that Jesus promoted family values, becoming better humans, establishing professional religious institutions, and looking for the Second Coming of some flowing-robed, peace-and-love manifestation of their artists' conceptions.


    Most religious think of a Kingdom of God, though it doesn't register to them that that Kingdom has many members. They feel that if you acknowledge "many members" in the Kingdom of God, then you would be acknowledging a pantheism. Any time any member of the Next Level is assigned a task to relate to humans directly, since he is of the Kingdom of God, he is rightfully "God" to them, for he is the member of the Evolutionary Level Above Human ("Kingdom of God") who is relating to them. This is not to say that there is not in the Next Level a "Chief of Chiefs" or one who is Supreme. Luciferians have had humans spiritualize and elevate that spiritual feeling for the word "God" so that no member of the Next Level would want to identify as one of those members of the Kingdom of God. The irony is that humans pray to the masquerading "gods" - space aliens - who have many "superior" beings in their different races and subraces. So, humans are unknowingly praying to different "gods" of many "gods." Of course, none of these are, in fact, "Gods" - other than self-appointed. (They are simply humanoid remnants from previous civilizations that are allowed to exist as a part of the balance of positive and negative presences, and allowing a full range of free-will options.)

    The Next Level is not into rituals, or spiritual inflation of stature, though it's true that younger members learn to be respectful and acknowledge the wisdom and serviceability of Older Members in the Next Level. Where one can fall from progressing in the Next Level is to slip into believing that he can grow on his own. The only way an individual can grow in the Next Level is to learn to be dependent on his Older Member as that source of unlimited growth and knowledge. So, any younger member in good standing, forever remains totally dependent upon (and looks to) his Older Member for all things.

  20. Since this is the close of the Age, the battle in the Heavens with their servants on Earth will be the means of that closing and the spading under of the plants (including the humans) of this civilization. "Weeds" are now getting rid of weeds - from gang wars to nations involved in ethnic cleansing. This is simply a part of the natural recycling process which precedes a restoration period of the planet in preparation for another civilization's beginning.
  21. If you connect with this information - if you attempt to connect with us in your desire to leave your humanness behind and link with the Evolutionary Level Above Human - you may encounter what seems to be insurmountable tests. You can imagine the "fallout" of your separation. You may even be faced with the possibility of losing the body you are "wearing" in the demonstration of your faithfulness. We can take you through all of these trials - they are designed to offer you strength and resolve.
  22. If you expect to go with us in our spacecrafts headed for our "world" and the only true Kingdom Level Above Human, you will likely have to physically engage in preparedness and readiness for that departure. That readiness should not be interfered with by the servants of this world.


    I find it all but impossible to present these truths to you in a way that might stand a chance to survive the avalanche of thoughts from the opposition that would do anything in their power to prevent your separation from their world and your physical life in it. I hope that my Older Member's mercy will give you strength. If you care to speak to me in your thoughts, I answer to "Do" (pronounced Doe). The name itself means nothing, but I connect with it for it was agreed upon for my usage by my Older Member "Ti" (pronounced Tee). Ti stayed with me, setting an example and preparing me for this present responsibility until 1985, and then separated from her borrowed human container and returned to the Next Level. (If we're not mistaken, our entire classroom task here from 1975 until the present has only been about 30 minutes by Next Level reckoning.)

    If you have grown to hate your life in this world and would lose it for the sake of the Next Level, you will find true life with us - potentially forever. If you cling to this life ---- will you not lose it?


By Andrew Ross

Andrew Ross is Salon's executive vice president.

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