Drama Queen for a Day: Drama Queen for a Day

The winner of Mothers Who Think's Drama Queen for a Day contest, Halloween edition, is revealed

By Salon Staff
November 25, 1997 1:00AM (UTC)
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Our Drama Queen this month rose from the depths of Halloween hell and
survived. For the winner and runners-up, click on the applause-o-meter.

We're now looking for contestants for our special Thanksgiving edition
of Drama Queen for a Day. Cooking Thanksgiving dinner is a rite of passage.
You're not an adult until you've felt your mind go utterly blank with panic
when the turkey is too fat to fit into the oven; when your guests arrive an
hour before they're supposed to and they crowd around you in the kitchen to
"help," but what they're really doing is drinking all the wine in the house
and eating crudités faster than your gnarled hands can scrape and peel
them; when the turkey takes six painful hours to cook instead of the
expected three; when your kids decide your candied yams aren't sweet enough
and pour in the rest of the bag of mini-marshmallows; when your husband
decides that watching football is far more enjoyable than doing
anything else; when your dog drags the gizzards you've tucked away
in the trash all across the house, leaving your kitchen and living room
looking like a massacre scene.


Surely, readers, you have had your own real turkey days. Share your
Thanksgiving disasters with us, so that you may possibly win a prize and
that we may all breathe a sigh of relief and say, "Thank God it didn't
happen to me." Deadline for submissions is Dec. 8, 1997.

Drama Queen for a Day
She came. She puked. She conquered:

+ Debbie Howlett

+ Robin Louise Lawrence

+ Anne Janda

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