Drama Queen For A Day: Dressing room hell

Mimi Larscheid, the winner of November's Drama Queen for a Day contest, survived bridesmaid hell.

Published December 22, 1997 8:00PM (EST)

This month's heroine survived bridesmaid hell -- enduring a saleswoman's
sneer at her unkempt pubic hair for godsakes! -- with the dignity and grace
of a true Drama Queen. For the winner and runners-up, click on the

December is ripe with opportunities for Supreme Drama Queen Scenarios.
Did the gingerbread house you built with your kids resemble the Unabomber's
cabin? Are your limbs bandaged from elbow jabs endured in the aisles of
Toys R Us? Did you snarf down all the popcorn in a pre-holiday salt binge
before you could string it on the tree? Did your kids wake up in the middle of the night only to find out that Santa really is your bald-headed husband? Did firefighters arrive at your home at 3 in the morning to tackle the blaze caused by your unwatched menorah?

Come, all ye faithful holiday drama queens, and share your tales of woe!
So that we, the editors, can raise a glass of egg nog in your honor -- and
toast to a New Year full of much-needed calm. Send all submissions to dramaqueen@salonmagazine.com by Monday, Jan. 13, 1998.

By Salon Staff

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