Drama Queen for a Day: Lame lovers

Gum-chewing kissers, egomaniacal cheaters, line-dropping Olympic losers ... and the women who endured them.

By Salon Staff

Published March 31, 1998 8:00PM (EST)

And we thought that we had heard every line in the book, every lie imaginable, every coax, plead and cajole to have sex ever conceived in the history of cadkind. Then along came this month's Drama Queen candidates, with their tales of lovemaking gone wrong. We admit, some of them are experiences that might have been best forgotten. But who could forget the guy who wouldn't take his gum out during deep-mouth kisses? Or the sports addict caught channel-surfing with the remote during a particularly critical moment of their workout? We figured, hey, these sob sisters had to live through it -- the least you can do is read about it. So relax and enjoy it -- and be thankful that at least your sex life is normal, right? Oh, and after you're finished reading, don't forget to vote for the woman you pity the most. Be glad: This time, at least it's not you.

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