Drama Queen for a Day: Mommy dearest -- not!

Drama Queen for a Day contest. You think yourmother is nuts. This month's Drama Queen candidates share tales of evil moms who snoop, seduce and induce eating disorders.

By Salon Staff

Published June 10, 1998 7:00PM (EDT)

Now we realize why we ran this particular contest -- asking readers to turn their mother in for the worst thing she's ever done. Subconsciously, we were starting to feel a little guilty about our parenting practices. If you've ever felt bad about sticking your kids in front of the TV because you wanted some time to yourself, letting them wail a little too long before picking them up or giving them soda instead of wholesome, pulpy orange juice -- read on. As we've found out, that's all child's play.

This month's Drama Queen candidates have experienced it all -- and then some. We have Mama Snoopers, Mama Vixens and Mama Eating Disorders. Judge their tales, not them; and then cast your vote for the most deserving of the crown.

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