Drama Queen for a Day: This won't hurt a bit

This month's Drama Queen candidates tell tales of their most hellish experiences at the gynecologist's office

By Salon Staff

Published November 17, 1998 8:00PM (EST)

Who knew that one simple request -- "Tell us about your most hellish gynecological experience" -- would elicit a record number of hilarious, painful, downright outrageous tales from around the world? Get a load of this: One gal's gyney examined her in front of an open window while a cabal of snickering construction workers gazed at her cervix. One woman had a speculum inside of her just as the great Los Angeles earthquake hit -- not exactly the vibrator she had in mind. One guinea pig was examined by a team of medical students who
stared with disbelief at the chasm of pathological wonder before them. A few readers described contracted vaginal muscles sending speculums flying across examining rooms and several recounted the inappropriate remarks of their (male) docs -- "nice tan line" and "you sure are big." And one sensitive doctor insisted that his patient must be a nun since, at 23, she was not yet
sexually active.

As you can imagine, it was excruciatingly difficult to narrow the
entries down to just three finalists, but we think you'll find yourself
nodding in understanding while reading these tales of woe. We salute
all of our heroines who maintained their dignity (and humor) while spread
eagle in nothing but earrings and a crinkly gown. May the chilling indignities so many of us have suffered at the clumsy hands of unsympathetic gynecologists not be in vain!

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