Drama Queen for a Day: Wherefore art thou, weirdo?

Drama Queen call for entries: The strangest declarations of love

By Salon Staff
January 26, 1999 1:00AM (UTC)
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Everyone dreams of being someone else's fantasy. An expression of love from someone you'd never noticed before, a secret admirer note slipped inside a coat pocket, a bouquet of irises with an indecipherable note attached -- any of these can make us see the whole world through rose-colored glasses. Even if the admiration isn't reciprocated, finding that you're an object of earnest affection is rare flattery.

But what if you discover that a cashier at the discount furniture store where you bought a cheap table copied your address off your check? And then started sending anonymous bouquets of roses, followed by having his friends call you -- drunk, at midnight -- with his whiny declarations of love? Sounds like Cyrano, but not really, because the only way to get rid of the gnome is to get him fired and change your phone number.


We want to know: What's the strangest declaration of love you have ever encountered?

Was it a crass joke, meant to be a romantic overture? A midnight serenade more humiliating than flattering? Or maybe a singing telegram at work, sending the gooey message to your boss and all of your co-workers as well? Or maybe just enigmatic -- like the three teenage boys who threw handfuls of pansies into a convertible as it idled at a stoplight, and then took off on their skateboards, calling, "You're so pretty!" to the startled driver.

Send in the story of the strangest declaration of love you've ever received to dramaqueen@salonmagazine.com by Feb. 5, 1999 -- and meanwhile, find out which of our Drama Queen candidates has been crowned the Queen of terrible toys.


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