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Salon's guide to medical resources on the Internet.

Published April 5, 1999 12:28PM (EDT)

General Health

The emphasis here is on providing medical information for physicians. Edited by the former editor of the Journal of the American Medical Association, George D. Lundberg, this well-respected online publication offers the latest in medical research, studies and treatment options.

Mayo Clinic Health Oasis
Written for the layperson, the Mayo Clinic's site offers information on subjects such as Alzheimer's, cancer, women's health and pediatric care. Not exactly breaking news, but a reliable source for consumers.

Started by a cataloger from Emory University's Health Sciences Center, MedWeb is an invaluable resource on almost any health-related topic, with extensive article citations and Web site listings.

Go Ask Alice
Originally for Columbia University undergrads, this frank health advice column has expanded off campus, answering questions on entertaining subjects like tattoo infections and oral sex etiquette. Updated every Friday.

The latest on clinical trials and journal articles, with an interactive service for patients called MediXperts, in which patients can submit personal information about a condition and, for a fee, get a detailed report with treatment suggestions.

This site offers a customized service for users to receive either daily or weekly e-mails with abstracts and information in their interest areas. Funded by education grants from pharmaceutical companies.

Alternative Health News Online
Maintained by Frank Grazian, a professor at Rowan University, this site concentrates on the pros and cons of alternative medicine. It offers well-balanced information on subjects such as "Diet and Nutrition" (with a fast-food database listing the calories and fat in your favorite dishes), "Alternative Medicine Systems," "Mind/Body Control," "Manual Healing" and "Longevity."

Ask Dr. Weil
The author of the book "8 Weeks to Optimum Health," Dr. Weil, centers his site around the Q&As he does with his readers. While the focus is on alternative health and traditional Western medicine, it also features a column by Dr. Ruth Westheimer, a database to help users find local alternative practitioners and a personalized vitamin advisor service. Dr. Koop, the former surgeon general of the United States, leads this site, which focuses on practical health advice from him and Dr. Nancy Snyderman. It also has daily health news from Reuters and in-depth information on nutrition, fitness, tobacco and prevention methods.

A joint venture between Johns Hopkins University and Aetna U.S. Healthcare, this site has resources from a database of generic and brand-name drugs, background on conditions and diseases and a service that allows users to find a physician in their neighborhood.

This original content Web site covers topics on a wide range of interests and offers a service in which people can receive an e-mail whenever a story in their area of interest breaks.

A general-interest site featuring Dr. Dean Edell, the television and radio commentator, as well as Associated Press wire stories, a searchable encyclopedia of medical terms and a list of recommended links.

Healthtouch provides extensive pharmaceutical and drug information, with information on 7,000 prescription and over-the-counter medications, including possible side effects and proper usage, as well as general health information.

HMS Beagle: the BioMedNet Magazine
HMS Beagle is an online magazine with science news, essays, cartoons and a searchable library with abstracts and articles from more than 170 biological and medical journals.

Harvard Health Newsletters
Harvard's monthly newsletters -- including the Health Letter, Heart Letter, Mental Health, Women's and Men's Health Watch -- are all available here without a subscription.


National Institutes of Health
This is one of the most comprehensive health sites on the Internet, providing information and resources on cancer, AIDS research, grants, funding opportunities and reports, as well as links to the National Cancer Institute, National Human Genome Research Institute and National Institute of Mental Health.

Food and Drug Administration
The FDA, which monitors more than $1 trillion worth of products a year -- including drugs, biologics, medical and radiation-emitting products and nutritional products -- has an in-depth site with the most recent information on clinical trials and product approvals.

Produced by the U.S. Department of Health
and Human Services, Healthfinder has the latest governmental news, links to journals and in-depth information on diabetes, cancer and food safety. Healthfinder, which calls itself a gateway site to consumer information, also has a version in Spanish.

Centers for Disease Control and Prevention
The CDC offers a virtual library, filled with almost every type of statistic and data imaginable, from HIV infection rates to bicycle-related head injuries to the rubella vaccine.

One of the best resources on the Internet, the National Library of Medicine's search engine has access to more than 9 million citations and journal articles.

The Kaiser Family Foundation
Specializing in the fields of reproductive health, HIV/AIDS, health policy and development in South Africa,
the Kaiser Family Foundation, a nonprofit organization, has health facts broken down by state, and offers a daily e-mail service summarizing pertinent health news from across the country.

American Medical Association
The AMA offers a doctor and hospital finder service, information on health news and an area for consumers on topics such as radiology tests, antibiotics and fitness.

Alan Guttmacher Institute
This is a good source for policy reports and statistics on pregnancy and birth rates, contraceptive use, sexually transmitted diseases and abortion.

World Health Organization
The World Health Organization, an agency of the United Nations with 191 member states, has an online database of past reports, information on global health issues and fact sheets on topics ranging from childhood diseases in Africa to tobacco use in Brazil.

Journals, Newspapers, Media

New England Journal of Medicine
Published by the Massachusetts Medical Society, the New England Journal of Medicine provides abstracts of its current articles every Wednesday evening, as well as the full text of its book reviews and opinion pieces. Subscribers can view articles dating back to 1993.

British Medical Journal
The British Medical Journal has abstracts and full-text articles from the weekly journal, as well as original content.

On the Journal of the American Medical Association's site, users can search for article abstracts and receive customized table-of-contents e-mails. The JAMA search engine pulls up the abstracts of published articles.

Nature has abstracts of current articles and an e-mail service delivering its table of contents and updates on science news.

Physician and Sportsmedicine
Published by McGraw-Hill, this monthly journal on sports and fitness has its cover story online, its table of contents and full-text articles in its archives.

New York Times
The paper of record's site has a collection of science- and health-related news stories.

Updated throughout the day, CNN is a good source of information on general health, medicine, trends, new treatment options and disorders. It also has an efficient search engine.

The British Broadcasting Corp.'s health section posts articles on health issues in Europe, the United States and other countries across the globe, and provides easy access to previously posted articles.

ABC Health and Living Site
Reports from "Good Morning America," ABC News, Reuters and Associated Press fill this general-interest health site.

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