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Music: Punk rock, Books: Why I Like to Read, Social Issues: The Price You Pay for Silence in Your Life

Published April 18, 1999 7:46PM (EDT)

Punk rock

Music | Rose Hill - 06:18pm Apr 12, 1999 PST (# 11 of 89)

Black Flag , the first time I heard them I was at my boyfriend's party, we
were sitting on the hood of his old crusty Buick, getting away from our
peers (drunken teenagers), my finger was cut to the bone from a game of
'mumbly tag' gone very wrong, I was drinking some cheap beer to take the
edge off the pain, blood dripping down my hand, 'Slip It In' came on and my
boyfriend tackled me and stuck my bloody finger in his mouth, I was covered
in cheap beer, freezing my ass off and thinking, "This music is

>From there I was hooked, today I find myself listening to alot of Iggy and
the Stooges, whenever I go to Meijers, I pass the birthplace of Iggy Pop,
this hole of a trailer park humble beginnings. If I had to artisticlly
recreate the essence of Iggy, I would twist a white rope. Thats how he
seems to me, bound up with a lot of energy and rope like muscles. X is
amazing, Bikini Kill too.

Why I Like to Read

Books | April Romo de Vivar - 12:34am Apr 14, 1999 PST (# 5 of 15)

Why I like to read? I love books because they take me as I am, dressed,
unbathed or wiping my nose with a cold and ask for no changes from me.

They open up and tell me about themselves without my having to ask any
questions and they are never defensive about their revelations.

They take me on cruises and up into the woodsy cabined mountains and onto
camels crossing the desert and ask no money of me.

They feed my soul to bursting at some moments, in some literature and it's
like attending church, temple, the mosque.

They flirt with me, make me laugh, make me cry, get me excited and spin me
around sometimes. And I don't have to kiss them at the door.

They keep my company for hours at a time without asking for a cup of tea or
something else which might break my concentration or trance-like bliss.

They teach me, confuse me, anger me, please me and I harbor no grudges,
unless they repulse me; then I put them down and neglect them forever,
maybe even give them away. They don't care whether I do this or not.

They hang around the house and make themselves available to me at all
hours, no questions asked, no hurt feelings, no explanations needed from me
to smooth out my sudden return after years of being gone.

They are truly the one constant and consistent companion of my life. I have
my early friends with me still and enjoy my new friends equally. Books are
friends, lifelong and steadfast and unchanging, except as I reinterpret
them as I grow older and change and learn. They forgive me for
misunderstanding them in my youth and repeat their lessons over and over
with endless patience. They love me back in a very matter-of-fact way.

The Price You Pay for Silence in Your Life

Social Issues | Nancy Campbell - 07:46pm Apr 11, 1999 PST (# 27 of 55))

I used to live on a boat, and every weekend the waterskiers would drive me
insane, drunk and obnoxious skiers, loud boats. And I had imagined life on
the water would be quiet and serene!

I really wonder about people who make a lot of noise in fairly crowded
areas; it almost feels like a hostile gesture to me. One night some
neighborhood teens had their car radios cranked up so high that my windows
were vibrating. I felt like I was under attack.

The little kids in my neighborhood often let loose with these
bloodcurdling screams that sound like they're being murdered. I can't tell
you how many times I've run out to rescue some little brat, er tyke, and...
they're just having fun.

OTOH, sometimes I find my neighborhood noises charming. Teen girls playing
music and dancing in the street; a neighbor violinist who plays

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