Footnotes to "Love in a Dead Language" excerpt


Published June 7, 1999 4:00PM (EDT)

8. I only brought a chapter of my dissertation with me because Professor Roth had asked me to do so.

9. Lalita was not weafing a sari, but rather khakis and a red cardigan over a white blouse. The rich blackness of her luxuriant hair as it curled down over the crimson of the sweater made her look very beautiful indeed. Since at the university she always wore jeans, I supposed that her parents had obliged her to dress up to impress her professor and director of the summer study in India program. I wonder if Roth really thought she had wom a sari, perhaps because he refused to acknowledge her distance from her cultural tmditions, or if he is simply lying.

10. Literally, '[Devotional] salutations to the blessed goddess Lalita, with the beautiful buttocks.' I supplied the diacritical marks in the text.

By Lee Siegel

Lee Siegel is a professor of Indian religions at the University of Hawaii. His previous works include "Net of Maic: Wonders and Deceptions in India" and "City of Dreadful Night: a Tale of Horror and the Macabre in India," both published by University of Chicago Press.

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