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Published July 2, 1999 10:16AM (EDT)

Maynard v. Salinger

Books Judith Greer

[Ozick] has struggled with some of these "revelation" issues herself. Did
I imply that she didn't feel deeply about it? I merely point out that she
has also gotten plenty of publicity from her outrage on Salinger's behalf,
and that can't hurt.

And, okay, I'll say it: frankly I find her "feelings" about the situation
(which really come down to "Salinger is an Artist and thus must not be
disturbed by lesser lights, or judged by the same standards we use to judge
the behavior of a non-artist in relation to him") equivalent to the folks
here who have claimed that your thoughts on this scandal could have no
legitimacy until you had read Salinger's work. You bought into that
concept, for some weird reason, but I still say it's bogus.

I don't care if Salinger's writing is the best ever seen in the world, to
me that should have no bearing AT ALL on how we judge his private behavior
and its consequences. Just as his being a great writer excuses exactly
nothing, Maynard's being a lesser one does not automatically make her
behavior worse.

I can't help finding it amusing and ironic that others are profiting from
the scandal in one way or another, too, even as they denounce Maynard for
daring to profit from it. It's simply delicious to watch.


Put Your Original Poetry Here

Arts & Leisure
Susan Janson - 11:22am Jul 2, 1999 PDT (# 96 of 97)

Foreign Tongues

If I know how you listen,
I will know how to speak.

Without words scattering like pool balls,
after the break
Without marbling thoughts into rainbow taffy

Sticking to my teeth.


Wiggers, Oreos and Twinkies

Social Issues
Erin Corrigan Martin - 01:07pm Jun 30, 1999 PDT (# 11 of 112)

Folks who get off on labeling members of their own ethnic groups as
sellouts have some issues of their own. They may have a mindset that says
speaking standard English, being conscientious about schoolwork, etc.,
means that a person really wants to be white. But I know who I am, and I'm
happier defining myself, rather than feeling bad about how others attempt
to define me.

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