"Jews have been the villains, not the victims"

The outgoing message on the World Church of the Creator's answering machine offers diet advice, tips for raising "strong, natural, instinctive" white children and a warning to its opponents.

Published July 7, 1999 2:00PM (EDT)

Hello racial comrades: You've reached the world headquarters of the World Church of the Creator, and you are listening to Rev. Matt Hale, pontifix maximus. This message is being changed Tuesday, June 29th in the 26th year of our beloved pro-white religion, Creativity ...

A number of items in the news this past week include the continued coverage of our Web site by the Jewish media around the country. As a matter of fact, this past Wednesday, on CBS Evening News, Mr. Clown, Dan Rather, talked about our Web site for children. The Jews are very upset that we are "targeting" white youth. But we make no apologies for this. We do intend to reach the youth of our people with our message. We intend to counter the garbage that they are being taught on a regular basis by the school system, by the Jewish Christian churches, and by this corrupt, tyrannical government. We see nothing at all wrong with teaching white youth to be proud of their race, to be proud of themselves, to love their own kind. And if we can reach the youth with this message, the adults of tomorrow won't be perverted individuals as they are today, for the most part, but instead, strong, natural, instinctive, proud white people.

We're very happy that our kiddie Web site, as I like to call it, is making such news in the newspapers and on evening news programs. As a matter of fact, last evening I was simply watching the news here locally, and without any expectation all the sudden there I was and there was talk about our kiddie Web site. The [Anti-Defamation League] is trying to sell their block software to individuals as well as public entities, in an effort to stop white youth from reaching our site and listening to our message. Well, we won't go into details right here and now, but let us say that those who seek to violate our constitutional rights to disseminate our religion to whoever we choose will indeed find themselves in a legal quagmire in the future.

Also this past week I'm proud to say that we have the second 100,000 of our batch of "Facts the government and the media don't want you to know" ready. We hope to get this 100,000 copies out in one year's time. We encourage you, the caller, the listener, to avail yourself of this great document for mass distribution. Oftentimes people ask us: What can they do to reach the people? How on earth can they reach a lot of people easily? Well, this is an easy way to reach a great number of people. They're available for 10 cents apiece if you order 200 copies. And for every 200 copies you distribute, you'll be reaching 500 or 600 people. People pass them around ... The father hears about it, the mother hears about it, the children hear about it. It's an ideal tool to enlighten white people about the facts that have been kept from them for too long.

Once people get the facts and they see what the truth is, they become more skeptical than they already are, concerning their government, concerning the media, concerning the supposed Jewish victims. The fact of the matter is that the Jews have been the persecutors of humanity, not the persecuted. They have been the villains, not the victims. This becomes more and more evident to people the more we get the message of truth to them.

We had a couple of questions this past week I wanted to answer.

Question: Whatever happened to George Lincoln Rockwell's killer?

He went to prison for several years for his crime, and he was released after only several years of prison, and his whereabouts are unknown. We do not know where this individual is. It is incredible that the members of the old American Nazi Party did not find this scoundrel and make him pay further than he paid for his heinous act. Of course, in the future it must be clear that those who try to stop our movement with violence must be stopped themselves, must be made to pay very dearly for their act.

Question: Are there any dietary requirements for being a member of the World Church of the Creator?

There are no dietary requirements; however, our church does promote the concept of salubrious living. What salubrious living is, is a return to nature's laws in the field of nutrition as much as we have returned to nature's laws in the field of society, of government, of religion. White creatures, and all creatures that can speak and walk on two legs for that matter, eat the most hideous substances that their bodies have no use for or are completely harmful to their bodies. We need to reverse this situation; it is not a requirement of the church but we do promote the raw food, salubrious diet. We promote our members' eating foods only in their raw, natural state. This is what nature intended. All other creatures on this Earth eat only such foods. You don't have lions cooking their meat before they eat it; you don't have other organisms tampering with their food in any way. I follow the salubrious living, I am very happy to report that it has been incredibly successful with myself, more energy, more concentration than I have ever experienced.

That will do it for this week's message. Call again next week. Let us together win this racial holy war. Rahowa!

By Salon Staff

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