Nancy Chan: Diary of a Manhattan call girl

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Published July 12, 1999 4:00PM (EDT)

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T H E__S T O R Y

This is the diary of Nancy Chan, turn-of-the-century call girl, who lives on
the Upper East Side of Manhattan. Although in her 30s, Nancy is at the
peak of her career -- a better 25-year-old today than she was at 25. When Nancy
began hooking, madams had answering services -- staffed by people -- and voice mail was non-existent. Most of Nancy's regulars don't realize
how long she
has been working -- and she frequently gets away with telling new
clients that she started "this year." Her boyfriend has no idea
what she does for a living.

Nancy has access to the safest and smartest ways of working -- her
good looks got her in the door, but she has maintained her
sterling contacts through diligence and common sense. Very early in
her career, Nancy experienced the riskier side of the sex business.
But if Nancy has any regrets, she's more likely to regret the free
sex she had when she could have been working: She sometimes has to
choose between making love and making money. On good
days, she gets to do both.

She doesn't tell her clients much about her past and
sometimes feels sorry for the working girls who are mired in the
world of adult magazine ads, strange phone calls and $99.99 hand
jobs. Nancy "works from her book" (trade lingo for a private client
list or Rolodex) and occasionally swaps customers with other
private call girls. In Nancy's circle, a Book goes for $3,000 to
$7,000. Individual johns are traded like baseball cards and each
girl has her own book -- names, prices and practices carefully
coded -- which she jealously protects. (It took Nancy about 10
years to build up her book.) Lesser call girls (who sometimes
advertise in the back pages of New York magazine) are politely
avoided unless they are willing to be saved from their "tacky"
circumstances. Those who make the transition -- like Nancy, who
used to work for an escort agency -- are often the most fanatical
about preserving these distinctions.

While not excessively bookish, Nancy can be a high-culture
snob. But she can also get distracted on her way to a lecture at the
Frick by a Prada handbag sale. Like most call girls, she is deeply
bourgeois -- but she gamely ventures downtown into Manhattan's
bohemia at least twice a year to see if performance art still gives
her a headache.

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M A I N__C H A R A C T E R S

Nancy's best friends, Jasmine and Allison, don't like each other.

Jasmine, businesslike and blunt, is Nancy's hardheaded colleague.
A former drug dealer who has always been good at saving money and
minimizing life's illusions, Jasmine runs a tight ship. She is one
of the best contacts a call girl can have -- and Nancy has often
benefited from Jasmine's advice. But her best friend's
tough-as-nails viewpoint can also be exasperating. Nancy and
Jasmine enjoy lunching together, trading customers and shopping
for lingerie.

Allison, though confused and guilty about having sex for money, is
naturally gifted -- new customers, calling for the first time, are
enchanted by her soft voice. Unlike Nancy, Allison has always
worked privately and has had it relatively easy, yet she yearns to
leave the oldest profession -- or at least claims she does. Allison
experiments with religion and dunks herself in the pool of every
trend that comes along. Her messy emotional life creates
unsettling waves for her clients and her friends in the Business --
including Nancy.

Matt, Nancy's boyfriend, is an up-and-coming MBA in his 30s putting in late hours on Wall Street. Accustomed to straightforward, aggressive women -- such as his high-powered boss or his older sister -- he has no idea what sort of double life Nancy is leading. Nancy sometimes yearns for stability and thinks about taking Matt home to meet her mom.

Milt, Nancy's favorite customer, is well-established in the world of finance. His business deals are frequently discussed in the Wall Street Journal. Middle-aged and married (for the third time), he craves sexual variety and emotional stability. As lewd as he is sentimental, he's not her easiest client -- but she has a soft spot for him.

More characters to come as the plot thickens ...

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By Tracy Quan

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