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Published July 29, 1999 10:45AM (EDT)

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Salon's staff

    A complete listing, with e-mail addresses, of Salon's staff in all areas,
    including editorial, design, production, community, sales, marketing and

Job openings

    A listing of positions available at our company.

Send Letters to the Editor

    Information about how to submit letters to the editor for publication.

How to submit articles

    Information about how to submit articles and ideas for articles to Salon.

Our privacy policy

    Details and full disclosure on what kinds of information Salon collects
    from users and what it does with such information.

How to report problems with our sites

    Information about where to e-mail us about problems with any page or Salon site

Ethics, privacy, correction policies

    Statements about Salon's editorial ethics policy, its customer
    privacy policy and its corrections policy. -->

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