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Published July 30, 1999 10:00AM (EDT)

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Smart, literate and inflected with sufficient attitude and irreverence so
as not to seem a mere print journal recycled onto the screen.

-- New York Times Magazine

While many have tried, few have succeeded in building a truly compelling magazine on the Web. Salon has managed to move to the top of the Web's short must-read list.
-- Time

Top shelf of the Web's high press.
-- Newsweek

Think: Tom Wolfe's New Journalism with an even smarter mouth. Made
mainstream headlines last year when it scooped traditional news organizations by breaking the Henry Hyde adultery story. Biz sense: Right on. Grade: A

-- Entertainment Weekly

Smart and elegant with an atmosphere that no other Web site has been able to produce quite so skillfully.
-- U.S. News & World Report

An ahead-of-the-curve, culturally adroit mag that has extended its lead over the pack. Takes popular culture seriously with on-target coverage of current music, without pandering to the average, two-beats-too-slow reader of Rolling Stone.
-- Boston Globe

Salon is taking the lead on all the Kenneth Starr coverage. It's beating the East Coast papers all hollow ... It didn't have the money or the resources; all it had was flexibility and intelligence.
-- Jon Carroll, San Francisco Chronicle

The plucky Net zine consistently scooped its traditional media brethren with insightful, hard hitting pieces.
-- Jon Schwartz, San Francisco Chronicle

A literate but decidedly not stuffy mix of interviews, lifestyle features and cultural commentary that hits its mark.

Since its inception in late 1995, Salon has broken ground on the Net with its sound journalism, good writing, and smart design.
-- Yahoo Internet Life

Salon has the smarts and finesse of the New Yorker or Harper's magazine without killing the trees S a breath of literate air in this computer-crazed climate.
--New York Post

Beautifully executed and comprehensive in its coverage.
-- PC Magazine

Salon's savvy blend of old and new media strengths has made it an online journalism pacesetter.
--American Journalism Review

It's a beautiful, elegiac piece, written by a master. So where did I read it? In the New Yorker? The Atlantic Monthly? The New York Review of Books? The Times Literary Supplement? Answer: none of the above. I read it in Salon, the online magazine which is doing for Net publishing what the New Yorker once did for weekly magazines.
--London Observer

Salon has the best writing online, consistently, daily. Refreshingly, it is rarely self-referential, or even Web-referential. And someone please nominate author and Salon columnist Anne Lamott for a Pulitzer Prize!
--Yahoo! Internet Life Five Star Award

Combative, opinionated and irreverent, Salon is an online magazine with bite.
-- The Guardian (U.K.)

Salon provides a refreshing break from the sloppy, shallow or
self-indulgent writing that predominates on the Internet.

-- PC Week

There is culturally literate life on the Web, and you can tap into it at Salon.
-- Glamour

S a 24-hours-a-day digital book festival.
-- Publisher's Weekly

Salon has established itself as one of the first Web sites to successfully fuse the old and the new -- in this case, the literary and the digital.
-- HotWired

Salon has moved the medium while maintaining the message ... Salon truly is a beautiful site, replete with insightful commentary ranging from left to not-quite-right. Regardless of your cultural ideology, it's definitely worth taking the time to stop by and lend your voice to the discussion.
-- C|Net, "Best of the Web"

One of the best examples of Web design I've seen; a rare breath of fresh air ... a very useful means for British readers to gain insight into American culture and politics ... A happy mixture of editorial values brought from the print world and the participatory ideas of the Internet.
-- The Independent (London)

The finest of the new breed of Net-native magazines. It uses all the power of the Web links without falling into the trap of letting the design drive the magazine.
-- The San Jose Mercury News

Canadians can be roughly divided into two camps, those who have found Salon and those who haven't yet. ...the sharply intelligent voice, [is] utterly unlike most American mass media.
-- The Toronto Globe & Mail

Salon directly addresses an audience often overlooked by online culture -- people whose primary interests lie beyond their computers ... Salon is clearly a site for people who read ... a welcome respite from the tech-oriented nature of most online enterprises.
-- Austin Chronicle

Salon's spare look is both processor-friendly and easy on the eye. In fact, placed in a Web of sites plagued with ill-conceived animations and obviously amateurish neon graphics, its simplicity makes it stand out.
-- Macweek

Imagine a readable New York Review of Books edited by refugees from Vanity Fair, and presented with a feel for the screen rather than the page.
-- Excite!

If Salon has a formula, it might be this: Start with high-quality content presented via appropriate design and technology. Build a reader community that puts the Web's interactivity to good use. Temper editorial judgment with reader feedback, but don't be a slave to opinion. Get these things right and, lo and behold, you'll find yourself with a market -- loyal readers, trailed by advertisers and others eager to reach them.
-- Adobe Magazine

[Salon Travel's] writing is the thing that sets it apart. The articles are beautifully crafted pieces of travel journalism that make us want to pack our bags and head for the airport."
-- Society of American Travel Writers

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