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By Margot Mifflin
Published August 20, 1999 8:00PM (UTC)
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"Sleepless Beauty"

By Frances Minters

Viking, 1996

"Sun, Moon and Talia"

By Giambattista Basile

Published in 1636

"The Sleeping Beauty in the Woods,"

By Charles Perrault

"Little Briar-Rose"

By the Grimm Brothers

"Grimm's Grimmest"

By Maria Tatar

Chronicle, 1997

"Princess Smartypants"

By Babette Cole

Putnam, 1986


"The Paper Bag Princess"

By Robert Munsch

Annick Press, 1980

"Cinder Elly"

By Frances Minters

Puffin, 1997
"Princess Furball"

By Charlotte Huck

Greenwillow Books, 1989

"The Glass Mountain"

By Diane Wolkstein

Morrow, 1999

"Tatterhood and the Hobgoblins"

By Lauren Mills

NY Little, Brown 1993


"Don't Tell the Grownups: The Subversive Power of
Children's Literature"

By Alison Lurie

Little, Brown & Company, 1998

Margot Mifflin

Margot Mifflin is an assistant professor in the English Dept. at Lehman College/City University of New York. She is writing a biography of Olive Oatman called "The Blue Tattoo: The True Story of a Victorian 'Savage'."

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