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Salon's TV picks for the Weekend, Aug. 27-29, 1999

By Joyce Millman
Published August 27, 1999 8:00PM (UTC)
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Cops (8 p.m. Sat., Fox) opens its 12th season -- how time flies -- with a show set in Indianapolis. Saturday Night Live (11:30 p.m. Sat., NBC) reruns last season's finale hosted by Sarah Michelle Gellar, with music from the Backstreet Boys. On a rerun of The Practice (10 p.m. Sun., ABC), the firm is appointed by Judge Hiller to represent a man accused of murdering a nun. Nikita and Michael face certain death on a suicide mission on the season finale of La Femme Nikita (10 p.m. Sun., USA). On Sex and the City (10:30 p.m. Sun., HBO), Carrie visits a therapist to try to unravel her feelings for Mr. Big.

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Candice Bergen hosts Influences: From Yesterday to Today (8 p.m. Fri., CBS), and isn't that a snappy title? Kelsey Grammer, Ellen DeGeneres, Matt Groening, David Duchovny and others salute the entertainers who inspired their own careers. Howard Stern's 1997 biopic Private Parts (9 p.m. Fri., USA) has its first network showing. Stern plays himself, no pun intended. The new cable movie Strange Justice (8 p.m. Sun., Showtime) dramatizes the backroom intrigue behind the nomination of Clarence Thomas to the Supreme Court, and re-creates his contentious confirmation hearings, Anita Hill and all. Delroy Lindo, Regina Taylor and Mandy Patinkin star. The TV movie Diana: The People's Princess (8 p.m. Sun., TNT) was made in 1998 but, somehow, wasn't inflicted upon us until now, the second anniversary of her death. Amy Seccombe has the title role. How nice for her. The 1997 TV movie Ellen Foster (9 p.m. Sun., CBS), based on the novel by Kaye Gibbons, stars Jena Malone as a motherless girl coming of age in the South during the 1960s. OK, you've heard about the fabulous costumes and the red wig and the bungee jumpers and the disco dancers -- now, it's time to see them for yourself in Cher Live in Concert at the MGM Grand (9 p.m. Sun., HBO). You will be there and you will believe.

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Braves at Cardinals (8:05 p.m. Fri., TBS; 8 p.m. Sun., ESPN)

Cubs at Dodgers (4 p.m. Sat., Fox)

Mets at Diamondbacks (10 p.m. Sat., FX)

Exhibition football:

Falcons at Titans (8:15 p.m. Fri., ESPN)

Broncos at Cowboys (8 p.m. Sun., Fox)

WNBA playoffs:

Liberty vs. Sting (8 p.m. Fri. and Sun., Lifetime)

Sparks at Comets (4 p.m. Sun., NBC)

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Rosie O'Donnell (syndicated) Noah Wyle (rerun)

David Letterman (CBS) Glenn Close (rerun)

Jay Leno (NBC) Brendan Fraser, Christine Aguilera

Chris Rock (HBO) Beastie Boys

Politically Incorrect (ABC) Arianna Huffington, Billy Bragg

Conan O'Brien (NBC) Helen Hunt, Keri Russell (rerun)

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