Thanks for entering the "Heads, You Win!" Contest

By Salon Staff
September 27, 1999 8:00PM (UTC)
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Thanks for entering the "Heads, You Win!" Contest!

Now that you've seen the spot, we thought we'd put together a list of some of the very interesting and provocative editorial coverage of some of the people featured in "The Big Dance". Check out these links!


Fidel Castro

Cubans defect at Pan Am Games, Cuban President Fidel Castro alleges foul play.

Castro's annual speech draws crowd.

Cuba's Castro rules out allowing exodus.

Jesse Ventura

Will Pat Buchanan and Jesse Ventura join forces?

Jesse Ventura Inc. The marketing of Minnesota's leader raises the question: Who owns the governor?

Jesse Ventura and Willie Nelson discuss Farm Aid. Wrestler governor and country star both love Led Zep.


Mick Jagger

Mick Jagger and Jerry Hall divorce court date set. Jagger's lawyers say the couple were never married.

Mick Jagger a father again. Blood tests confirm the Rolling Stone lead singer's paternity.

Linda Tripp

Tripp indicted on wire tap fraud.

Linda Tripp ... Who's crying now?

Stalking the president.


Al Gore

Gore basks in new support.

Why religion-based social help, the pet issue of Al Gore and George W. Bush, may be the next president's first broken promise.

Poll shows Bush, Gore running even.

Tipper Gore

I'm not Hillary.

Morning with the woodman, lunch with the cake cop


Marilyn Manson

A mother defends Marilyn Manson.

When the antichrist arrives, he won't be a goth rocker -- he'll be a three-headed blond.

Texas group is offering "Marilyn Manson awareness training" for parents who fear that their subculture-adopting teens are poised to go from black clothes and candle burning to criminality.

Howard Stern


Although "Private Parts" reveals the likable side of Howard Stern, it would be a lot funnier if he left his grudges behind.

Martha Stewart

Martha Stewart company files for IPO.

She's Martha and you're not.

Bill Gates

My five minutes with Bill Gates.

How much "convergence" does $5 billion in Microsoft dollars buy? We're about to find out.


Janet Reno

Rangers report new Waco evidence.

Reno asks Danforth to probe Waco.

Chris Rock

Comedian Chris Rock gets tortured by a roomful of entertainment reporters.

The heck with success: get this man a bra!

Pope John Paul II

Thousands rally for East Timor.

Courtney Love


Tells mag she likes "porno 44DD" girls, "and they have to be really aggressive."

Courtney Love lights up Winnipeg.

Mocking the Mayflower.

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