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Salon's TV picks for
Thursday, Oct. 14, 1999

Published October 14, 1999 4:00PM (EDT)


Ross is caught using a fake British accent to deliver his paleontology lectures on Friends (8 p.m., NBC). Frasier envies Niles' gig as a critic on Frasier (9 p.m., NBC). Mystery! (check local times, PBS) begins two new Cordelia Gray mysteries in "An Unsuitable Job for a Woman II," starring Helen Baxendale as P.D. James' feisty sleuth. In the first one, the two-part "Living on Risk," Cordelia's routine surveillance job turns deadly. Prue is trapped inside an enchanted painting on Charmed (9 p.m., WB). On Chicago Hope (9 p.m., CBS), McNeil makes a mistake that may cost a pitcher his arm. Alan Alda begins a five-episode stint on E.R. (10 p.m., NBC) as a swaggering, legendary surgeon who joins the staff as attending physician.

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American League Championship Series, Game 2:
Red Sox at Yankees (8 p.m., Fox)

Penguins at Rangers (7:30 p.m., ESPN2)
Senators at Coyotes (10:30 p.m., ESPN2)

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Rosie O'Donnell (syndicated) Farrah Fawcett, "Harry Potter" author J.K. Rowling
David Letterman (CBS) John Malkovich, Harland Williams
Jay Leno (NBC) Nicolas Cage, Natalie Merchant
Politically Incorrect (ABC) Jason Alexander, Illeanna Douglas
Conan O'Brien (NBC) Judd Nelson, Tori Amos, Will Ferrell

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