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Keep it clean

By Salon Staff

Published November 17, 1999 5:00PM (EST)

You will want your husband to fall in love with you every day, as he will surely want you to fall in love with him. Of course, you can't always be dressed up, but you can try to be always clean and neat, and you can welcome him always with a smile that comes so easy now. You will be tired, at times, with the labors and cares of the day; sickness may come upon you, and there may be days when the path will seem rough and hard; your purse may seem light; even the little comforts and luxuries of life which, perhaps, seem commonplace today, may be lacking; even the sting of poverty may be felt. If you have a true companionship with the man you love -- a companionship grounded in mutual understanding and devotion and self-sacrifice -- you will find yourself strong in the day of battle; and, what is of more importance, you will prove a source of strength and courage and inspiration to him in his conflict with the world. This is true marriage.

-- From "Sex, Satisfaction and Happy Marriage" by Alfred Henry Tyrer, 1938.

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