All Tomorrow's Parties

By Salon Staff
Published November 19, 1999 8:07PM (EST)

William Gibson brings us a brilliant new novel about the moments in history when futures are born. "All Tomorrows Parties" explores future events as a millennium has come and gone and nothing has changed. There has been no apocalypse -- digital or otherwise, no Second Coming, just the dark smear of time moving into oblivion. Or so it seems.

"All Tomorrow's Parties" is the perfect novel to publish at the end of 1999. It brings back Colin Laney, one of the most popular characters from Idoru, the man whose special sensitivities about people and events let him predict certain aspects of the future. Laney has realized that the disruptions everyone expected to happen at the beginning of the year 2000, which in fact did not happen, are still to come. Though down-and-out in Tokyo, his sense of what is to come tells him that the big event, whatever it is, will happen in San Francisco. He decides to head back to the United States--to San Francisco--to meet the future.

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