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Published November 24, 1999 9:18AM (EST)

The First Adult Book I Read

Mary Elsisi - 01:53pm Nov 21, 1999 PST (# 45 of 45)

I read "Oliver Twist" when I was nine. I remember being really disturbed by the murder of Nancy and the death of Bill Sykes. The pathetic and horrible end of Bill Sykes' little dog was the worst of all, though. Dickens is sometimes dismissed as a creator of caricatures instead of three dimensional characters, but his "flat" characters, for me at least, are among the most unforgetable people I've ever encountered in literature. They have the force of charactors from fairytales. I think this is why I was able to enjoy Dickens at such a young age.

Memorable Movie Moments from 1999

Chris Jarmick - 09:21pm Nov 22, 1999 PST (# 11 of 40)

It's not a new movie but it's the first time most people in the U.S. saw it. The incredible fireworks/love/waterski scene from Lovers on the Bridge

Malkovich Malkovich Malkovich

When suddenly Rob Lowe is playing the younger Robert Wagner in Austin Powers:Spy Who Shagged Me.

Mary Elizabeth Mastrantonio's incredible performance in Limbo .

The audiences reaction at the end of Limbo.
The atmosphere of Sleepy Hollow .

The energy of Run Lola Run and to a slightly lesser extent The Matrix

The sheer entertainment of The Sixth Sense .

Haley Joel Osment Perhaps the finest performance by a child ever.

Russell Crowe's performance in The Insider .

And from The Insider when Plummer as Wallace rolls his eyes and says something like: "Who are these people?" And Pacino as producer Lowell Bergman says; They are ordinary people caught up in extraordinary circumstances." and thus encapsulating the powerful essence of the entire movie.

Several unforgetable images from Besieged .

Richard Farnsworth and Sissy Spacek and those images from The Straight Story . One of the finest films of the decade. G rated simple, directed by David Lynch and most people won't even bother to see it.

Robert Altman at his peak (again) helming a great ensemble cast in a perfectly realized little comedy/drama Cookie's Fortune .

The first ten minutes of Cookies Fortune

The box office tally of Blair Witch Project and Phantom Menace . P.T. Barnum saying There's a Sucker born every minute and W.C. Fields' saying Never Give a Sucker an Even break or smarten up a chump" come to mind.

Why shouldn't internet savvy and a 30 grand movie make a handful of people rich and famous, rather than adding a few points to an entertainment stock?

The infectious celebration of music from The Buena Vista Social Club

The opening ten minutes of Three Kings

And there's still several films not in release that may show up here. It's a memorable movie year folks.... finally.

Shhh! Don't let people at work know you have kids!

Mothers Who Think
willa m. - 01:59pm Nov 21, 1999 PST (# 68 of 222) (# 610 of 623)

I have a theory that many people get sidetracked from the family by replacing their dreams/desires with what society thinks of as the physical representations of those dreams.


Sample dream: We want a loving family life: we want to cook big happy dinners, and have birthday parties, and mark growth charts inside a closet door and fingerpaint with the kids, and play outside in the sprinklers, etc.

Physical representation: We need a house.

Result: Someone or someones may (not always) work their asses off to obtain the earthly objects that represent the more spiritual, daily life aspirations. Doesn't take much to lose sight of the initial goals. In fact, I think it takes a lot of work to keep them in sight. We have had to retrieve them a few (dozen) times.

I know Laurel and I alone could illustrate how to get all of the above listed dream going in an apt., which is not a guarantee that the love will always be flowing, but you can live the life you want with different physical stuff than we commonly think we need.

Please, I still want a house. And I know people who have one who are living the life they want. But I know far more who are tied to it and not living what they wanted in the first place because of the house (or whatever the physical representation may be).

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