Full-frontal Aussie soccer babes

A recent fund-raising endeavor has the Canberra-based women's team posing sans uniforms for a controversial calendar.

Published December 6, 1999 5:00PM (EST)

Dec. 6, 1999

Even their fuzzy flesh down under is exposed in the Australian women's soccer team calendar that will unveil 12 photos of pretty players in the buff.

"There's full frontal, the whole business ... It's very exciting," claims Miss June, topless right back Amy Taylor. "I wanted to prove we are not all big, butch lesbians. We are attractive, feminine girls," she explicitly informed the Dec. 1 Daily Record.

The buck-naked footballers are trying to raise cash and their public profile so that corporate sponsors will assist them in next year's Sydney Olympic Games. But critics are hissing that the only big boost they'll see will be in the pubic zone of men's trousers.

Crotch-baring Katrina Boyd, a 28-year-old striker, disputes the notion that her genitalia display is offensive. "I'm proud of what I've done and happy with it," she revealed to the Nov. 30 AAP Newsfeed.

Forty-five thousand calendars are expected to streak out of stores, netting a profit of $1 per item. The goal-slamming gals also hope that their bared buttocks will put additional fans' butts in the stadium seats, when their clothed contests are in progress.

Upcoming kick-fests include skirmishes with international all-stars from the Czech Republic, Sweden and the world champion United States. Obviously, Brandi Chastain will have to show more than her sports bra to outdo these au naturel Aussies.

The media-spanking inflicted on the flesh-peddling punters has stung, notes nude defender 21-year-old Tracie McGovern, who growled, "There's been a few people upset by it and we have to respect their opinion but they need to show us respect as well."

Calendar haters are foaming most foully about an underage page: bottomless player Alicia Ferguson was only 17 when her skin shot was snapped.

What's next, critics whine. Topless ping-pong? Nude cricket? Sumo porn? Can't anybody keep their togs on?

By Hank Hyena

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