Best of Salon 1999 -- Editor's Pick

Part one: Gay animals, Steve Jobs, Kosovo dispatches, sex police, flight attendant hell and more!

Published December 27, 1999 5:00PM (EST)

Herewith, our pick of Salon's 50 most entertaining, provocative and important stories of 1999, in chronological order. Each day this week we'll add 10 to the list. We hope you enjoy this chance to read some great writing you might have missed first time around. And don't miss our "People's Choice" list of Salon's most-read articles of the year.

The baby girl I gave away By Ceil Malek

Putting up a baby for adoption was the first act of my adult life, but
it took me almost 30 years to face what that decision meant for me and
my daughter.

[01/04/99 -- Mothers Who Think]

Machine Dreams By Scott Rosenberg

In an industry of clones, Steve Jobs put his smart, stubborn, stylish stamp on our computers.

[01/05/99 -- People/Brilliant Careers]

Storming "The Beach" By Rolf Potts

A backpacker in search of adventure in Thailand puts the moves on Leonardo

[02/09/99 -- Travel]

Roger and him By Sarah Vowell

Remembering Gene Siskel, 1946-1999.

[02/24/99 -- Arts & Entertainment]

The fabulous kingdom of gay animals By Susan McCarthy

A biologists offers the first vision of a
tantalizingly diverse natural world: Not all
animals are straight arrows.

[03/15/99 -- Books/Ivory Tower]

Shades of Srebrenica By Laura Rozen

Refugees tell of Serbian soldiers commandeering
relief vehicles, echoing the Bosnian slaughter.

[04/02/99 -- News]

Sex Police By Sally Lehrman

The biology of sex is being hotly debated, as parents, doctors and researchers
reevaluate what it means to be male and female.

[04/05/99 -- Health & Body]

Funk soul mother By Susan Straight

Once my ex-husband and I danced to the funk as if we had no choice. Now, in
the kitchen on Saturday nights, I clean, listen, dance, remember.

[04/07/99 -- Mothers Who Think]

Breaking up with the Beats
By David Gates

Kerouac and company were my first literary loves -- but I had to get off their road.

[04/12/99 -- Books]

Bad passenger, bad! By Elliott Neal Hester

Ah, the glamorous life of the
flight attendant, where you get punched, kicked and
defecated upon.

[04/13/99 -- Travel]

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