Salon keeps the holiday lights on!

We're not going anywhere for the millennium.

Published December 27, 1999 5:00PM (EST)

Dear Salon reader,

In past holiday seasons we've taken a break from updating our site, but this year, after all, it's the millennium -- so we'll be vigilantly on duty
between Christmas and New Year's, updating many of our sites and adding new articles.

We're also offering a special treat during this final week of the 20th century: a dual "Best of Salon 1999" listing. In Editor's Pick, you can check out the 50 stories we thought were the cream of our crop; and in People's Choice, you can see which of our articles attracted the most readers over the past year. We'll be releasing these lists a little bit at a time throughout this holiday week. Enjoy!

David Talbot


By Salon Staff

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