Best of Salon 1999: People's Choice

Part one: Smelly Macs, Linux revolutionaries, spankers, Web-cam operators and George W. Bush -- your clicks made these articles hits.

Published December 27, 1999 5:00PM (EST)

Herewith, our list of Salon's 50 most popular stories in 1999, based on cumulative volume of Web traffic. Each day this week we'll add 10 to the list, counting down to the most-read articles of the year. And don't miss our "Editor's Pick" list -- a handpicked selection of Salon's best work from 1999.

50. True tales of topless
Sophie and the bird nest breasts
By Amy Reiter

The Sun newspaper catches Rhys-Jones with her shirt off; his Nastiness goes after her Rodhamness.

[05/27/99 -- People]

49. Eau de Mac By Janelle Brown

Apple's new G4 has a sleek look -- and a strange scent.

[09/15/99 -- Technology]

48. Outsiders, even
among the outsiders
By Dave Cullen

Littleton killers didn't quite fit in, even with the "Trench Coat Mafia."

[04/22/99 -- News]

47. The gentlemanly art of spanking By Carson Fitzgerald
When women turn the other
cheek, what are they asking for?

[01/07/99 -- Health & Body/Urge]

46. Too many naked women By Joel Stratte-McClure
An interview with Helmut Newton.


45. Live! From my bedroom By Simon Firth
"Homecam" operators broadcast their daily
lives to Web voyeurs. Why? For art or fame, love or money -- or reasons they
can't quite explain.

[01/08/98 -- Technology]

44. Do penguins eat apples? By Andrew Leonard

Once upon a time, Apple dreamed of killing giants. Today, that hope
belongs to a new generation -- of open-source programmers.

[09/28/99 -- Technology]

43. Vive la difference By Sarah Vowell

A melting pot of several stories, "Summer of Sam" is a sprawling urban epic
from Brooklyn's native son.

[06/30/99 -- Arts & Entertainment]

42. Hillary, Naomi, Susan and Rush. Sheesh! By Camille Paglia
Clinton requires emergency intervention; Wolf's mind is amazingly slack; Faludi's "Stiffed" is a stiff. Meanwhile, Limbaugh brings a genuine intellectual service to American culture.

[11/17/99 -- People]

41. Prodigal son By Jake Tapper
How will George W. Bush -- and the GOP -- confront the whispers about his past?

[04/09/99 -- News]

By Salon Staff

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