Best of Salon 1999 -- Editor's Pick

Part two: Was Lincoln gay? Is John McCain tough? "The Sopranos," Alanis, lip-balm mania and more!

Published December 28, 1999 5:00PM (EST)

Herewith, our pick of Salon's 50 most entertaining, provocative and important stories of 1999, in chronological order. Each day this week we'll add 10 to the list. We hope you enjoy this chance to read some great writing you might have missed first time around. And don't miss our "People's Choice" list of Salon's most-read articles of the year.

"Tout Truffaut"
By Charles Taylor

Rediscovering Frangois Truffaut's films is like finding an old friend.

[04/22/99 -- Arts & Entertainment]

Lip balm anonymous By Mary Roach

When you put it on in your sleep, you have a problem.

[04/23/99 -- Health & Body]

On not having a daughter By Jayne Anne Phillips

Something beyond life or death lingers of the girl I didn't get to mother.

[04/28/99 -- Mothers Who Think]

Programming in vampire mode By Thomas Scoville

The long dark night of the code. Episode 14 of Silicon Follies.

[05/01/99 -- Technology]

Was Lincoln gay? By Carol Lloyd

Firebrand Larry Kramer says he has the evidence to prove it. Lincoln scholars are holding their fire until they see it. Get ready for the second Civil War.

[05/03/99 -- Books/Ivory Tower]

Happy Mother's Day -- now screw you! By Joyce Millman

Raise a glass to Livia Soprano, the meanest mother on TV.

[05/03/99 -- Arts & Entertainment]

Dancing with Death By Camille Peri

The loss of a child leaves a hole in your heart that never heals.

[05/05/99 -- Mothers Who Think]

How tough is John McCain?
By Jake Tapper

The GOP contender stands up to Milosevic, but will he defy the NRA?

[05/14/99 -- News]

"You are courageous" By Heather Havrilesky

A supposed former Alanis-hater confesses.

[05/17/99 -- Arts & Entertainment]

Too sexy for my shirt
By Debra Dickerson

It's spring, a time for many men to sexually harass women on the streets in the crudest of terms. Should there be a law against it?

[05/21/99 -- News]

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