Best of Salon 1999: People's Choice

Part two: Strap-on epiphany, "Sleepy Hollow," how the Net wrecked San Francisco, "I want to play Anakin!" and a passel of Paglia.

Published December 28, 1999 5:00PM (EST)

Herewith, our list of Salon's 50 most popular stories in 1999, based on cumulative volume of Web traffic. Each day this week we'll add 10 to the list, counting down to the most-read articles of the year. And don't miss our "Editor's Pick" list -- a handpicked selection of Salon's best work from 1999.

40. "I'm a uniter, not a divider" By David Horowitz

George W. Bush talks with David Horowitz about going from patrician to populist -- and from party boy to presidential front-runner.

[05/06/99 -- News]

39. Strap-on epiphany By Virginia Vitzhum
In becoming the penetrator, a woman learns
to see sex -- and the world -- through male eyes.

[01/28/99 -- Health & Body/Urge]

38. Real superpower in a
godless universe
By Camille Paglia

Raging tempests: Natural, cultural, political and cinematic.

[09/22/99 -- People]

37. Are women soft on liars? By Camille Paglia
Plus: The best porn magazine in

[02/03/99 -- People]

36. Will Linux be banned Down Under? By Jamais Cascio

The source code's four-letter words could run afoul of new
Australian censorship legislation.

[06/07/99 -- Technology]

35. "Sleepy Hollow" By Stephanie Zacharek

This Ichabod is a tortured, if not terribly bright, goth dreamboat.

[11/19/99 -- Arts & Entertainment]

34. What I thought about for my summer vacation By Camille Paglia

Janet Reno blew it; Al Gore's a shaved terrier; Ricky Martin and Gwyneth Paltrow are tedious; Harper's Bazaar kicks Vogue's ass; and a few words on opera.

[09/08/99 -- People]

33. How the Internet ruined San Francisco By Paulina Borsook
The dot-com invasion -- call them twerps with 'tude -- is destroying everything that made San Francisco weird and wonderful.

[10/28/99 -- News]

32. Pilots ponder the mysteries of EgyptAir crash By Phaedra Hise
Those who fly planes want to know why the autopilot was disconnected, the engines were shut down and nobody contacted air-traffic controllers.

[11/15/99 -- News]

31. I, Anakin By Matthew Sullivan
George Lucas is seeking an "extremely intelligent" 19-year-old actor to play Anakin Skywalker in "Episode II." He need look no further than here.

[11/23/99 -- People]

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