Best of Salon 1999: People's Choice

Part three: Linux vs. Windows NT, "Blair Witch," Camille on the Oscars, "Eyes Wide Shut" and "Star Wars" vs. "Star Trek" -- your clicks made these articles hits.

Published December 29, 1999 5:00PM (EST)

Herewith, our list of Salon's 50 most popular stories in 1999, based on cumulative volume of Web traffic. Each day this week we'll add ten to the list, counting down to the most-read articles of the year. And don't miss our "Editor's Pick" list -- a hand-picked selection of Salon's best work from 1999.

30. Linux and Microsoft -- together at last By Andrew Leonard
A new round of benchmark tests pits free-software hackers against the gang from Redmond in a race for operating-system supremacy.

-- Technology]

29. Did "The Blair
Witch Project" fake its online fan base?
By Patrizia DiLucchio

Glowing reviews and fan sites raise suspicions that Hollywood is planting ready-made buzz on the Net.

-- Technology]

28. And the frumps are ... By Camille Paglia
The 71st Academy Awards are a parade
of pomaded pretty boys and washed-out drag queens from lame movies. Where is
the glamour?

-- Arts & Entertainment]

27. "Eyes Wide Shut" By Charles Taylor

With its pro-monogamy moralizing, Kubrick's supposedly steamy last film is
ultimately anti-erotic -- nothing more than an art-house version of an army
training film.

-- Arts & Entertainment]

26. Three-way sex with death By Camille Paglia
Plus Harold Bloom, "Shakespeare in
Love" and the hot new power couple: Hillary and Queen Noor.

-- People]

25. American poison By Camille Paglia

The Littleton massacre is horrifying proof of our society's spiritual

-- People]

24. "Star Wars" despots vs. "Star Trek" populists By David Brin
Why is George Lucas peddling an elitist, anti-democratic agenda under the guise of escapist fun?

-- Arts & Entertainment]

23. Harvard's date-rape idiocy By Camille Paglia
Today's elite campuses teach little
girls to run blithering to their craven, PC parent-substitutes.

-- People]

22. Elizabeth Dole is not man enough to be president By Camille Paglia
Plus Busty
Rose McGowan vs. scrawny Gwyneth.

-- People]

21. The glories of male football By Camille Paglia
And the limpness of female

-- People]

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