Best of Salon 1999 -- Editor's pick

Part four: Woodstock riots, Times Square porn shops, Half Dome frights, sex talk online and off and Brazilian bikini wax!

Published December 30, 1999 5:00PM (EST)

Herewith, our pick of Salon's 50 most entertaining, provocative and important stories of 1999, in chronological order. Each day this week we'll add 10 to the list. We hope you enjoy this chance to read some great writing you might have missed first time around. And don't miss our "People's Choice" list of Salon's most-read articles of the year.

What a riot By Jeff Stark

Diary of a Woodstock '99 survivor.

-- Arts & Entertainment]

Girl talk
By Janelle Brown

Are frank online discussions of sex empowering teen girls -- or turning them into Lolitas?

-- Technology]

Conquering Half Dome -- and the fear of falling By Don George

When a simple hike turns into a paralyzing ascent, a father has to overcome his terror.

-- Travel]

You meet the
nicest folks in porn theaters
By Craig Seligman

Gay writer Samuel Delany mourns the late, great and sweetly
raunchy Times Square.

-- Books]

Who is Eliza May?
By Robert Bryce

Is the woman at the center of the Texas funeral home
scandal a wronged government watchdog or a Democrat with a political

-- News]

Reach out and touch yourself By Virginia Vitzhum

A phone-sex virgin creates her own private marathon.

-- Health & Body / Urge]

News flash: You're a crackpot
By Cary Tennis

To be in the news, try making some -- or at least what passes for
it these days.

-- People]

The gang's all here By Kevin Bisch

Hope flickers at the "World's Biggest Gangbang."

-- Health & Body / Urge]

Faster pussycat, Wax! Wax! By Christina Valhouli

A Brazilian bikini wax changed Gwyneth Paltrow's life; it can change yours, too.

-- Health & Body]

The Art of Don E. Knuth
By Mark Wallace

Computing's philosopher king argues for elegance in programming -- and a Pulitzer Prize for the best written code.

-- Technology]

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