Best of Salon 1999: People's Choice

Part four: Camille on JFK Jr., Steve Jobs, cable modems vs. DSL, "Blair Witch" actors and books and Dr. Laura nudes -- your clicks made these articles hits.

Published December 30, 1999 5:00PM (EST)

Herewith, our list of Salon's 50 most popular stories in 1999, based on cumulative volume of Web traffic. Each day this week we'll add 10 to the list, counting down to the most-read articles of the year. And don't miss our "Editor's Pick" list -- a handpicked selection of Salon's best work from 1999.

20. The "strange magic" of JFK Jr. By Joan Walsh and Camille Paglia

Something was going wrong in Kennedy's life before the plane
crash, says Camille Paglia, who reflects on both the charisma and the
emptiness of the son of the martyred president.

-- News]

19. Machine Dreams By Scott

In an industry of clones, Steve Jobs put his smart,
stubborn, stylish stamp on our computers.

-- People / Brilliant Careers]

18. Broaddrick charges are 21 years too late By Camille Paglia

But Bill's a louse -- and hypocrite Hillary deserves to have a solipsistic
Beverly Hills brat tied to her tail for all eternity.

-- People]

17. Cable modem or DSL: Which is better? By Simson Garfinkel
My Net connection approaches light speed with cable, but that doesn't guarantee victory over DSL.

-- Technology]

16. Something wicked
By Brett Mannes

"Blair Witch Project" co-star Joshua Leonard on method filmmaking and other terrifying games of conscience.

-- Arts & Entertainment]

15. Guns and penises By Camille Paglia

American society's problem isn't firearms -- it's the sexually
dysfunctional men and women who abuse them.

-- People]

14. Dr. Laura, how could you? By Patrizia DiLucchio
Copyright war rages over
moralist talk-show host's nude photos.

-- Technology]

13. Feinstein for
president! Buchanan for emperor!
By Camille Paglia

Dianne's no flibbertigibbet; Hillary's a
galumpher; Rush has tremendous intellectual influence.

-- People]

12. How the Demos lost the White House in Seattle By Camille Paglia

The WTO battles blew the election for Gore; McCain needs more than bad luck to qualify for the presidency; Hillary's destructive personality; and why Madonna talks like the queen mother.

-- People]

11. Blair Witch book has mysterious past By Craig Offman

A private detective and an author prove as hard to find as Heather

-- Books]

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