Best of Salon 1999 -- Editor's Pick

Part five: Columbine myths, Linux and Macs, David Lynch, Kris Kristofferson, Elmore Leonard and how the Net wrecked San Francisco

Published December 31, 1999 5:00PM (EST)

Herewith, our pick of Salon's 50 most entertaining, provocative and important stories of 1999, in chronological order. We hope you enjoy this chance to read some great writing you might have missed first time around. And don't miss our "People's Choice" list of Salon's most-read articles of the year.

Inside the Columbine High investigation By Dave Cullen
Everything you know about the Littleton killings is wrong. But the truth may be scarier than the myths.
[09/23/99 -- News]

My lunch with Kris Kristofferson By David Bowman
The Great Gravel Voiced One talks of films, beautiful actresses, the importance of Dylan and chillin' with the Sandinistas.
[09/24/99 -- People]

Do penguins eat apples? By Andrew Leonard
Once upon a time, Apple dreamed of killing giants. Today, that hope belongs to a new generation -- of open-source programmers.
[09/28/99 -- Technology]

Elmore Leonard By Sean Elder
The world's coolest crime writer has an uncanny ear for wry dialogue and a deep belief in lives with second acts.
[09/28/99 -- People/Brilliant Careers]

Poster boys for the summer of hate By Gary Delsohn and Sam Stanton
Meet Matthew and Tyler Williams, suspects in a series of Northern California hate crimes, now on trial for murder.
[10/06/99 -- News]

The Hollywoodization of venture capital By Mark Gimein
The business of funding tech companies has gone gaga for brand names and boffo deals. "Visionaries," though, may be out of luck.
[10/15/99 -- Technology]

How the Internet ruined San Francisco By Paulina Borsook
The dot-com invasion -- call them twerps with 'tude -- is destroying everything that made San Francisco weird and wonderful.
[10/28/99 -- News]

"I want a dream when I go to a film" By Michael Sragow
David Lynch, the human tuning fork, talks about his most unusual movie -- a G-rated adventure about a man, a lawnmower and an emotional journey.
[10/28/99 -- Arts & Entertainment]

If at first... By Diana O'Hehir
A marriage dies and is, after 35 years, resurrected.
[11/19/99 -- Mothers Who Think]

Second coming By Jonathon Keats
With its hip new edition of the Good Book, Grove Press aims to save the Bible from the fundamentalists.
[11/29/99 -- Books]

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