Best of Salon 1999: People's Choice

Part five: JFK Jr., "Blair Witch," Columbine High, "Phantom Menace," EgyptAir, Jennifer Lopez's behind and a Turkish accordion player -- the year's most popular Salon pages.

Published December 31, 1999 5:00PM (EST)

Herewith, our list of Salon's 50 most popular stories in 1999, based on cumulative volume of Web traffic. These are the 10 most-read articles of the year. And don't miss our "Editor's Pick" list -- a handpicked selection of Salon's best work from 1999.

10. "The Blair Witch Project" By Mary Elizabeth Williams

We have nothing to fear but fear itself -- and fear, it turns out, is scarier than hell.

[07/13/99 -- Arts & Entertainment]

9. Star what? By Toby Young

Ten reasons not to see "The Phantom Menace."

[05/14/99 -- Arts & Entertainment]

8. The beautiful and the damned By Jake Tapper

Much has been given to the Kennedys, and much has been taken away.

[07/17/99 -- News]

7. Inside the Columbine High investigation By Dave Cullen
Everything you know about the Littleton killings is
wrong. But the truth may be scarier than the myths.

[09/23/99 -- News]

6. Ricky Martin -- superstud or closet case? By Camille Paglia
The Rock Hudson PR Peter Meter is going off over the singing Latin heartthrob.

[05/26/99 -- People]

5. Back is beautiful By Erin J. Aubry
Does the public's embrace of Jennifer Lopez's abundant butt
signal a cultural revolution -- or simply the triumph of watered-down

[07/15/98 -- Arts & Entertainment]

4. Graveyard spiral By Joan Walsh, Daryl
Lindsey and Anthony York

Did bad judgment or bad luck doom JFK Jr.?

[07/20/99 -- News]

3. Emergency in the cockpit By Fiona Morgan

The Web goes wild for EgyptAir facts, analysis and conspiracy

[11/12/99 -- News]

2. I Kiss You!!!!! By Janelle Brown

A friendly Turkish accordion player becomes the Net's latest collective

[11/04/99 -- Technology]

1. What's in a name? By Bruce Shapiro

Upon the death of the scion of America's greatest political dynasty, a quick survey of American politics reminds us how much it helps to have a famous name.

[07/21/99 -- News]

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