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Official party sites

Official candidate sites

Time sink

Government sites

Special interest sites

Voter education sites


Think tanks


Official party sites

Communist Party USA

Constitution Party

Democratic National Committee

Senatorial Campaign Committee

Democratic Socialists of America

Green Parties of North America

Labor Party

Libertarian Party

Natural Law Party

Reform Party

Republican National Committee

National Republican Senatorial Committee

Socialist Party USA

Workers Party

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Official candidate sites

Gary Bauer

Bill Bradley

Harry Browne

Pat Buchanan

George W. Bush

Steve Forbes

Al Gore

Orrin Hatch

Alan Keyes

John McCain

Ralph Nader

Donald Trump

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Time sink

Iowa Electronic Markets

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Government sites

City Government Directory

Federal Election Commission

FedWorld Information Network

House of Representatives

Library of Congress

Social Security Administration

United States Senate

White House

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Special interest sites

American Association for Retired Persons

American Civil Liberties Union

American Federation of Teachers

Americans for Tax Reform

Anti-Defamation League

Center for Public Integrity

Center for Responsive Politics

Center for Science in the Public Interest

Christian Coalition

Citizens for Tax Justice

Citizens for True Democracy

Common Cause

Consumers Union

Corporate Watch

Eagle Forum

Electronic Frontier Foundation

Emily's List

Environmental Defense Fund

Flat Tax Calculator

Greenpeace USA

Handgun Control Inc.

Human Rights Campaign

Independent Women's Forum

John Birch Society

League of Conservation Voters

League of Women Voters of the United States

National Abortion Reproductive Rights Action League

National Association for the Advancement of Colored People

National Community Building Network

National Education Association

National Organization for the Reform of Marijuana Laws

National Organization for Women

National Right to Life Committee

National Rifle Association

National Taxpayer's Union

National Urban League

Natural Resources Defense Council

Partnership for a Drug-Free America

Physicians for a National Health Program

Planned Parenthood Federation of America

Sierra Club


The Technology Network

United Auto Workers

U.S. Term Limits

Move Our Money

X-PAC: The Political Action Committee for Generation X

2030 Center

Urban Institute

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Voter education sites

Ballot Access News

Electoral College

History of the American Presidency

Pew Research Center for the People and the Press

Project Vote Smart

Public Agenda Online

Smart Voter

Vanishing Voter

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News Directory

ABC News Politics


CBS Politics

C-Spans the Road to the White House

Drudge Report

Intellectual Capital

Los Angeles Times

Mother Jones Interactive

MSNBC: Decision 2000

The Nation

The New York Times

Orvetti Political Report

Rough and Tumble

Office 2000: Slate's Campaign Roundup

Skeleton in the Closet

Tillotson on politics

Washington Post: White House 2000

Yahoo Full Coverage: Presidential Race

The Hill

Roll Call

Capitol Watch

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Think tanks

American Enterprise Institute

Brookings Institution

Cato Institute

Center on Budget and Policy Priorities

Heritage Foundation

New America Foundation


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Gallup Polls


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