The post-mile-high club

In Holland, a brothel chain proposes an enterprising new use for airport space.

Published January 13, 2000 5:00PM (EST)

Unbeknownst to anyone visiting Amsterdam, and
perhaps to the good citizens of Amsterdam itself, brothels were illegal in Holland for over 80
years -- that is, until last October, when the Dutch Parliament voted to
legalize the country's 2,000-plus love shacks.

Things have come a long way since then. A Dutch brothel chain recently
announced its desire to offer its special brand of services to air
travelers. That's right, the next time you fly into Amsterdam's Schiphol
Airport, you really might be able to get "coffee, tea or me."

Theo Heuft, spokesperson for the Yam Yum Caviar Club (seriously), told Reuters the
brothel chain aims to relax -- or perhaps reinvigorate -- weary and stressed
travelers with champagne, caviar and erotic massages. "They could pop in
before going home to the lady wife," suggested Heuft.

Just one little question nags us: Will this be duty-free?

By J.A. Getzlaff

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