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Salon's TV picks for Monday, Feb. 7, 2000

Published February 7, 2000 5:00PM (EST)


Roman Polanski is the subject of a new Biography (8 p.m. ET/9 PT, A&E). On The King of Queens (8 p.m., CBS), Doug sees Carrie cheating at a board game but doesn't know how to confront her about it. The American Experience (check local listings, PBS) looks at the building of the Hoover Dam. Georgia sues the firm for ruining her and Billy's marriage on Ally McBeal (9 p.m., Fox). Robert is gored by a bull during a raid on an illegal rodeo on Everybody Loves Raymond (9 p.m., CBS). On Once and Again (10 p.m., ABC), Lily's jealous sister Judy finally gets some action of her own when she falls for a sculptor (guest Steven Weber) working on Rick's project for Miles Drentell.


The new TV movie Mary and Rhoda (8 p.m., ABC) brings Mary Richards and Rhoda Morgenstern back together, 23 years after "The Mary Tyler Moore Show" ended. The movie is everything the show wasn't, a mess of forced comedy and preachy "empowering" platitudes, and no Lou, Murray, Sue Ann or Phyllis in sight. One reason to watch: Joan Jett's snarling version of "Love Is All Around" over the opening credits. It's all downhill after that. The Hedrick Smith-produced documentary Duke Ellington's Washington (check local listings, PBS) tells the story of the African-American community -- the largest in the country -- that flourished in Washington from 1900 to 1920, and was home to Ellington, Thurgood Marshall, Langston Hughes and others; it's considered by historians to have been the capital of black cultural life before the Harlem Renaissance. The eighth annual Black Filmmakers Showcase (10 p.m., Showtime) spotlights short works by new African-American directors.


Rosie O'Donnell (syndicated) Martha Stewart, David Boreanaz

Jay Leno (NBC) Lisa Kudrow

Politically Incorrect (ABC) Donny Osmond, Richard Belzer

Conan O'Brien (NBC) Heather Locklear, Dave Grohl (rerun)

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