No Pussy Posse says DiCaprio

Is he or isn't he? Mr. Clean tells all; Mamas, don't let your babies grow up to be celebrity parents; Leo sez: Don't believe everything you read; Let's See Action! Who fans boo Cindy Margolis. Plus: Aaron Spelling shares special moments with starlets!

Published February 12, 2000 5:00PM (EST)

This week -- setting aside the thorny question of whether or not animated advertising icons have sex lives at all -- Nothing Personal got to the bottom of one nagging gender preference controversy, then looked at, ahem, celebrity breast-feeding and its malcontents. By Wednesday we were on to the misinformation Leonardo DiCaprio must cope with and his disavowal of same (could he be under pressure from the ASPCA?). And then hit Thursday with the report of a shocking exposure involving one of Cindy Margolis' breasts and the entire membership of the Who. On Friday a calm wafted through cyberspace and settled on this very column as much of Nothing Personal was given over to the soothing reassurances of Aaron Spelling regarding his treatment of actresses, their hair, clothing and virginity. It was a lovely week, really, and one I hated to see go

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Monday: "Coming clean"

Mr. Clean has a secret ... but he might not keep it much longer. The earring, the bulging biceps, the tight white T-shirt, the painted-on pants, the fashionably shaved head, the wry expression -- animated advertisement or not, the guy's a gay icon. But is he gay?

"We've been receiving questions like that for at least the past 10 years," says Mr. Clean spokesman Damon Jones. "We're not sure where it started -- it could have to do with his earring or his attire -- but we like to think Mr. Clean was just a man before his time."

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Tuesday: "The parent claptrap"

Don't blame Jade Jagger for taking her time getting her life together. Blame her mother. Bianca Jagger, it seems, was no Madonna.
"She didn't breast-feed me," Jade gripes in the upcoming issue of Talk magazine. "I woke up when I was breast-feeding my own child, thinking, 'What the f***? How can a woman feel an attachment to a child -- it comes out of your body, and you're full of milk -- without breast-feeding?'"

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Wednesday: "Little frankfurter lost"

You've read all those rumors about Leonardo DiCaprio and his wild, club-hopping buddies. Who hasn't? The late-night rampages, drug-crazed parties, adolescent pranks, poor treatment of women, and -- worst of all -- stingy tipping. But while the actor is ready to admit that "the core" of what's written about him "might come from somewhat real events," he figures only about 10 percent of what you hear about him is true. "I don't want to get into specifics, because it's just a waste of time," DiCaprio says in the upcoming issue of Rolling Stone, "but I will comment on one."

The Pussy Posse. The actor says he doesn't know who's responsible for coining the catty phrase to describe him and his frisky compadres, but it wasn't him. "I think it's the most degrading thing toward women I've ever heard in my life," he tells the magazine.

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Thursday: "We won't get boobed again!"

Say what you will about Cindy Margolis, the Web's most downloaded woman for four years running. Just don't call her shameless. Sure, she once slew a certain international man of mystery with her Fembotic machine-gunning gazongas -- but even a celebrity cyberbabe has her limits. "The only thing I won't put on my Web site is nudity," Margolis tells Men's Fitness magazine.

But Margolis confesses she unwittingly showed more than enough while introducing the reunited Who to thousands of fans. "I ran out onstage because I was so excited, and my boob came out of my shirt," she says. "I didn't know it until the audience started screaming."

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Friday: "Hell, 90210"

Will the real Aaron Spelling please stand up? In Gear magazine's March issue, the Hollywood honcho comes across as a screamer and megalomaniac who reportedly once barked "I own you!" at "7th Heaven" actress Jessica Biel. Spelling begs to differ with the characterization. Not only is he threatening to sue Gear boss Bob Guccione Jr. for defamation, but, in an upcoming Us magazine interview, he portrays himself as downright cuddly.

"Before we start any series, the whole cast comes in to try things on, and we ask them what they like best," he tells Us. "Some young ladies say, 'Please! Nothing green -- it's damnation for me.' It's only in the last two years we've allowed lower-cut dresses and a little more breast to be revealed," he says. "Don't forget -- I kept Tori a virgin for seven years because I couldn't bear to see the dailies."

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