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Salon's TV picks for Wednesday, Feb. 16, 2000

Published February 16, 2000 5:00PM (EST)


Angry parents demand that the student who defaced Joey's mural be let back into school on Dawson's Creek (8 p.m., WB). On The West Wing (9 p.m., NBC), Sam and Toby undertake a delicate mission: quietly springing Bartlet's Supreme Court nominee (guest Edward James Olmos) from jail after he's arrested for drunk driving. Meanwhile, the president is in Los Angeles attending a fund-raiser at the home of a movie producer. Michael is reluctant to report that his foster father is beating him on Roswell (9 p.m., WB). A mystery writer's death isn't a mystery for long on Law & Order (10 p.m., NBC).

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Getting Away with Murder: The JonBenet Ramsey Story (9 p.m., Fox) reenacts the child beauty queen's death and the ongoing investigation. Ah, sweeps. The miniseries Sally Hemings: An American Scandal (9 p.m., CBS) concludes. Chris Rock narrates the documentary Whatever Happened to Micheal Ray? (10 p.m., TNT), a profile of former New York Knicks star Micheal Ray Richardson, the first NBA player to be banned from the league for life for drug use.

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Rangers at Panthers (7:30 p.m., ESPN2)

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Rosie O'Donnell (syndicated) Michael Douglas, Tracy Chapman

David Letterman (CBS) Tom Snyder interviews Don Rickles, Norm Macdonald

Jay Leno (NBC) Meg Ryan, Little Richard

Politically Incorrect (ABC) Natasha Henstridge, Melissa Rivers

Conan O'Brien (NBC) Ed McMahon

By Joyce Millman

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