Monkey business

Men of the cloth are under a cloud of scandal in Japan and Cambodia.

Published February 16, 2000 5:00PM (EST)

Everyone knows that horny Hindu holy men have occasionally crammed their kundalini into young devotees and that Roman Catholic priests have religiously fondled altar boys, but what about the carnal behavior of all the other creeds' clerics? Are raunchy rabbis, zoophiliac Zoroastrians, yoni-loving yogis and maniacally masturbating mullahs running amok? Naked World enjoys keeping its lewd eyes aimed at these guys, particularly at hypocritical representatives of sexually repressive religions.

Two Buddhist contingents got caught with their pants down recently: a teen-whoring Japanese duo and a horde of partying pagoda-dwellers in Cambodia.

Tokyo's Mainichi Daily News reports that Eishu Sawada, a 30-year-old Buddhist teacher confined to a temple in Tokai, was arrested Jan. 13 with his acolyte, a 19-year-old university student.

The mentor and his pupil dialed a local "dating service" (were they bored crazy by meditation practice?) and hooked up with a pair of 16-year-old prostitutes for some enlightening orgasms at a cheap hotel. Sex-starved Sawada and his lascivious student were subsequently indicted for violating an Aichi state ordinance that forbids sex with anyone under 18.

In Phnom Penh, monks residing at the Kien Svay Krav pagoda were forced to flee their abode after incensed neighbors threatened to beat them up and torch their home, reports the South China Morning Post.

The enraged nearby residents accused a female pagoda member, Tham La, of owning a brothel. They also levied charges that some of the monks drink alcohol and have sacrilegious sexual intercourse on the pagoda grounds.

While the pagoda's committee leaders maintain their innocence, the article suggests that many monks in Cambodia do not enjoy the respect and admiration displayed in other Buddhist countries because they are perceived to violate the religion's teachings in their daily lives.

By Hank Hyena

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