Buff cut

Hairstylists at a Moscow salon shampoo and trim in nothing but their high heels.

Published February 18, 2000 5:00PM (EST)

Men who go for a cut at Moscow's Maksimych salon are in for a memorable experience. Sexy stylists at the new salon are snipping sideburns and split ends with nary a stitch of clothing. Los Angeles has topless bartenders and Florida has bikini-clad car washers, but one has to slink through the shredded Iron Curtain into the former Soviet Union to ogle an Olga while your scalp gets soothed with
a sudsy shampoo, reports the Moscow Times.

Wealthy clients pay $50-$130 for these specialty cuts at the shop where requesting a "flat top" is impossible because all 10 professional barbers are young, attractive women. Owner Maksim Lyadov, a graduate of the Moscow State University journalism school, says he
wants to bring about a sexual revolution in Russia with his business. His salon also offers billiards with a nude opponent and massage with a naked
masseuse. His titillating service is thriving despite the scanty expenditure on advertising and lack of budget for staff uniforms.

Lyadov insists that his operation isn't a "bordello" and Olga, an interviewed stylist, concurred. She claims that the clients are not permitted to touch her. "The most they can do is flirt a little," she says. Occasionally they do ask how her spouse feels about her job. "I always answer that my husband trusts me," she said. Olga also asserts that men
"really don't want to bother me" when she's wielding sharp scissors and razors near their throat and eyes.

As part of his Russian sexual uprising, Lyadov plans to establish another nude salon in Tyumen, Siberia, open a nude-waitress restaurant and a naked-staffed cell phone sales office and publish a men's lifestyle magazine.

He also operates a "swingers club" near the
Maksimych salon. The new revolution in Russia apparently owes more to Hugh Hefner than it does to Vladimir Lenin.

By Hank Hyena

Hank Hyena is a former columnist for SF Gate, and a frequent contributor to Salon.

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