Detroit News: McCain wins

Published February 22, 2000 1:14PM (EST)

The Detroit News has declared John McCain the victor in the Michigan
primary. Calling it a "stunning upset" against Texas Governor George W.
Bush, the newspaper released information from its own exit poll indicating
that 4 out of 10 voters in the primary were non-Republicans. McCain
captured 82 percent of the non-Republican voters -- with 68 percent of
independents and 88 percent of participating Democrats casting votes for the
Arizona Senator. The poll also indicates that Republicans voted for Bush 2-to-1 over McCain.

Despite an earlier exit poll by Voter News Service reporting that 50 percent of voters didn't care about Gov. John Engler's efforts to get out the vote on behalf of George W. Bush, his work did pay off among GOP voters -- they voted for Bush 2-to-1 -- but it wasn't enough to deliver a victory against McCain.

Most of the day Tuesday, exit polls found McCain leading Bush by a small margin. The most recent figures released by VNS had McCain and Bush tied at 47/47.

Check back with Salon for final election results from the Michigan
and Arizona primaries Tuesday night.

By Salon Staff

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