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Salon's TV picks for Tuesday, Feb. 22, 2000

Published February 22, 2000 5:00PM (EST)


Ooh, Buffy the Vampire Slayer (8 p.m., WB) is good again. First we had professor Walsh as Mommy Frankenstein, now it's the two-part return of Faith (Eliza Dushku), the bad slayer who Buffy put in a coma last season. Faith is up and around now, and, man, is she pissed off. William Shatner is back as the Big Giant Head on 3rd Rock from the Sun (8 p.m., NBC). Nova (check local listings, PBS) continues "Secrets of Lost Empires" with a team of engineers, architects and historians attempting to re-create the Roman baths. Another Nova follows; this one is about the Lembas of southern Africa, who are convinced they're one of the lost tribes of Israel. On Will & Grace (9 p.m., NBC), Will and Jack take part in a protest outside "Today" after NBC cuts a gay kissing scene from a sitcom. On Angel (9 p.m., WB), Angel discovers that Kate's dad is messed up in a demonic plot, but Kate will hear none if it. Party of Five (9 p.m., Fox) has a Very Special Episode that depicts what life had been like for the Salinger sibs if their parents hadn't died. Jerry Seinfeld provides the voice of an arrogant supercomputer on Dilbert (9:30 p.m., UPN). Alas, even Seinfeld can't save "Dilbert" from obscurity; UPN is yanking the show off the air as of March 21. Frontline (check local times, PBS) presents "War in Europe, Part 1," an in-depth look at American involvement in the 1999 bombing campaign against the Serbs in Kosovo. Henry Simmons joins the cast of NYPD Blue (10 p.m., ABC) as Medavoy's new partner, former hate crimes detective Baldwin Jones.

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Rockets at Hornets (8 p.m., TNT)

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Rosie O'Donnell (syndicated) Jack Wagner

David Letterman (CBS) Guest host Bill Cosby; Vince Carter, Heidi Klum

Jay Leno (NBC) Richard Simmons

Politically Incorrect (ABC) Mary J. Blige

Conan O'Brien (NBC) Gary Sinise

By Joyce Millman

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