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Salon's TV picks for
Weekend, Feb. 25-27, 2000

Published February 25, 2000 5:00PM (EST)


On Now and Again (9 p.m. Fri., CBS), Michael spies Lisa across a crowded room at a lavish fund-raising ball. The Cure and George Carlin guest on Mad TV (11 p.m. Sat., Fox). Bender becomes the Ultimate Robot Fighting champ on Futurama (7 p.m. Sun., Fox). Rejected for Duff Beer's sexy bartender calendar, Moe undergoes cosmetic surgery on The Simpsons (8 p.m. Sun., Fox). Felicity (8 p.m. Sun., WB) finds out a little secret about dad -- he's a drug dealer on "NYPD Blue"! Mulder and Scully are called upon to investigate a murder that seemingly occurred inside a virtual reality game on The X-Files (9 p.m. Sun., Fox). Masterpiece Theatre (check local times, Sun., PBS) presents a new production of Henry James' "The Turn of the Screw," starring the luminous Jodhi May as the haunted governess. James Lipton falls to his knees before the awesome talent that is Sylvester Stallone on Inside the Actors Studio (8 p.m. ET/9 PT, Sun., Bravo). On The Sopranos (9 p.m. Sun., HBO), Christopher visits the set of an indie film, where he shmoozes with Janeane Garofalo, Jon Favreau, Sandra Bernhard and a sexy development girl played by Alicia Witt. Meanwhile, Tony and Carmela are concerned about Tony Jr.'s attitude.

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The documentary California Rock: Under the Covers (9 p.m. Sat., The Learning Channel) looks at the album cover art of Henry Diltz and Gary Burden, who designed '70s sleeves for the likes of the Eagles, Jackson Browne and the Doors. Danny Glover produced and stars in Freedom Song (7 p.m. Sun., TNT), a cable movie about black townspeople in 1960s Mississippi finding the courage to stand up to segregation and racism. Summit in Silicon Valley (8 p.m. ET/5 PT, Sun., MSNBC) brings together high tech's biggest big-shots (including Steve Case, Jeff Bezos and Marc Andreessen) to be questioned by a panel of journalists. Tom Brokaw hosts. NBC brings back the days of the long-form miniseries with the 10-hour fantasy saga The 10th Kingdom (9 p.m. Sun., NBC), in which a woman (Kimberly Williams) and her father (John Larroquette) stumble upon a fairy-tale world in the middle of New York City. With Camryn Manheim as Snow White, Ann-Marget as Cinderella and Dianne Wiest as the Evil Queen. So you think TV couldn't possibly get any lower than "Who Wants to Marry a Multi-millionaire?" Think again. CBS -- not Fox -- proudly presents the miniseries Perfect Murder, Perfect Town (9 p.m. Sun., CBS), a dramatization of the murder of JonBenet Ramsey. Marg Helgenberger and Ronny Cox play the parents; based on Lawrence Schiller's book. ABC weighs into the February sweeps scandal-a-thon with The Beach Boys: An American Family (9 p.m. Sun., ABC), a miniseries about the dark dysfunctions that drove the Wilson brothers to the top of the charts. Compared to Beach Boys paterfamilias Murry Wilson (played by Kevin Dunn), Tony Soprano is the father of the year.

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Suns at Knicks (8 p.m. Fri., TNT)

Suns at Raptors (12:30 p.m. Sun., NBC)

Rockets at Lakers or Jazz at Trail Blazers (3 p.m. Sun., NBC)


Avalanche at Blues (8 p.m. Fri., ESPN)

Kings at Sharks (10 p.m. Sat., ESPN2)

Avalanche at Stars (8 p.m. Sun., ESPN)

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Rosie O'Donnell (syndicated) Backstage at "ER"

David Letterman (CBS) Dave hosts Norm Macdonald

Jay Leno (NBC) Rodney Dangerfield, Camryn Manheim, Macy Gray

Politically Incorrect (ABC) Dennis Miller, Lars Ulrich

Conan O'Brien (NBC) Damon Wayans, John Stamos, Slipknot

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